The Asian Contagion

Causes of the Turmoil in the Region

Difference from the Latin American Crisis

Malaysia Prior to the Crisis

Currency and Stock Market Crises in Malaysia

Effects of the Crisis

Policy Response


World Economic Prospects

Unemployment and Downside Risks

Asia-Pacific Economic Outlook

Malaysia's Economic Outlook


Key Areas for Action

Objective 1: Stabilising the Ringgit

Objective 2: Restoring Market Confidence

Objective 3: Maintaining Financial Market Stability



Primary Commodities and Resource-Based Industries

Mining and Petroleum


Information Technology and the Multimedia Super Corridor

Motor Industry





Freight Forwarding


Industrial Development Finance Institutions

Insurance and Reinsurance

Capital Control Measures by the Government of Malaysia


Malaysia Budget 2001

Malaysia Budget 2000

Domestic Banking Sector Consolidation Programme
(October 21, 1999)

Capital controls eased further (Sept 22, 1999)

Exit tax reduced to 10%, says Bank Negara (Sept 22, 1999)

Bank Negara explains rationale for bank mergers
(Aug 11, 1999)

Capital controls a right move, says Dr Mahathir (Aug 4, 1999)

1999 Malaysian Budget Update

1998 Budget Issue

A Guide to the Exchange Control Rules

Measures to Regain Monetary Independence, issued by the Central Bank of Malaysia.
(Sept 1,1998)

Positive response to sovereign bond offering
(May 26, 1999)
  Bank Negara statistics prove 'worst is really over'
(May 26, 1999)
  International investors warm to Malaysia's US$2bil bond issue.
(May 21, 1999)

Use market approach to avoid fallout, says Daim

(March 5, 1999)

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Mahathir from Paul Krugman, Department of Economics, MIT. (related to Krugman's recent Saving Asia article in Fortune)
(Sept 1, 1998)

  KLSE's new measures to enhance transparency, issued by the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (Aug 31, 1998)

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