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2000 Articles

Will the US pick a woman veep? (14 February)
The many perils of immigration (28 February)

1999 Articles (July - December)

Summertime and the weather is fine (11 July)
The Net creates a new divide (18 July)
A Perfect Diplomat and a Picture of Affability (3 August)
The feel-good mood is back (8 August)
Striving to Maintain A Relevant and Crucial force in an Increasingly Unipolar World (19 August)
Memories of a non-polo player (22 August)
Learning to be an open society (29 August)
UUM is simple, yet impressive (5 September)
Speaking English in trendy KL (19 September)
Reflections on East Timor (26 September)
Ruffled feathers at MCKK (3 October)
Dr M speaks his mind at the UN (10 October)
People still go nuts over Charlie Brown (17 October)
When you are out, go with dignity (24 October)
Dollah's phones are ringging again (7 November)
Democratic Autonomy Must be Offered to the Restive Provinces (8 November)