In expanding MIR's audiences, MIRnet provides entry-level online solutions for businesses that span across the full spectrum of Small Medium Industries (SMIs) and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Under the helm of MIR, MIRnet assists individual and business entities by developing simple yet presentable web presence before considering more mature solutions like e-commerce, advanced programming modules and extensive development time that MIR delivers. MIRnet's affordable solutions are comprised of quality content write-up, complete with value-added services and superior post-development support as follows:

Web Development Packages
These packages caters to businesses that require an entry-level online presence. They include a professionally designed web site with high quality content write-up to highlight the company, its products and services. This cost efficient web site will complement the company's brochures and pamphlets.

Under these packages, our clients will be provided with their own unique registered domain address. This domain address is usually the company's name and it plays an extremely important role in brand building and defining the marketing strategy of your company.

In addition, assistance on how to retrieve and respond to customer queries via email will be provided, upon clients' request.