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This M3 black paint unit had sprung some surprises as most people thought black M3 only was being shipped after 1962. I would trust the seasoned eyes in pre-authentification in an auction process that it was a 1955 produce. So, it may redefine some general belief in old Leica collecting.

M3 black paint double stroke, approx. Year: 1955

Shown below is a very early, 100% original M3 black paint w/S/N 77901x in wonderful condition, black lens lock button, early strap lugs, with an extremely rare original black painted collapsible Summicron 2/5cm no.116785x, clean lenses, feet scale. Amidst the additional premium of black paint M3 over the chrome models, this early M3 black paint has an Leicahop® auctioned Start-Price of EURO 6,000-00 and an astonishing high price tag of EURO 13,800-00 ! Partly, the camera matching lens is also an original collapsible Summicron 1:2 f=5cm in matching black paint. Along with the earliest M3 chrome series, this M3 black combination probably is one of the most pricey double stroke M3 bodies around.

* NOTE;- Indicative price(s) herein is/are based original prices published on previous auction literature/references. Prices may vary according to gradual yearly premium, supply/demand equations, and/or other renewed valuation methods.

An extremely rare piece, an early LEICA M3 Black paint, with matching black paint collapsible Summicron 1:2 f=5cm, 1955

An extremely rare piece, an early LEICA M3 Black paint, with matching black paint collapsible Summicron 1:2 f=5cm, 1955

Rear section of a n early M3 black paint unit

Top plate section of the rare, early M3 Black Paint, 1955

Corner sections and features of the 1955 early M3 Black Paint

LEICA M3 Black paint, with matching black paint collapsible Summicron 1:2 f=5cm

An original box for the M3 Black, 1955 in red velvet finishing. Compared this with the 1957 box one picture below.

Original maker box in red velvet for M3 Black, 1955
General box for 1957 M3 models.

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A beautifully preserved on a 1958's M3 black w/black frame counter

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