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A Pictorial History...

A site inspired by a brief visit to
The Nikon Historical Society back in 1997 and thought I could lend a hand to patch some missing resources on the network as well.

Nikon has helped us see and retain history, emotion, joy, happiness, sad moments, fond memories, the bright and ugly side of where we lived...and painted the world with different perspective and angles.

On the other hand, along with the process of recording history and all those memorable moments in our life faithfully, it made history for itself, creating influential trends in the important development of image-making hardware and optics.

Here is a site, within the best of my knowledge, dedicated to all the Nikon followers/users around the globe, to further assist those who have a specific interest or for those wishing to understand more about the basics of the huge Nikon photographic system, which started with - the camera.

This site acts as my personal contribution to the
Nikon Historical Society & its web developer, romdog.com.

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Fred Krughoff (
Romdog, whose opinion has prompted me to alter everything in my site), Douglas Clifford (ACE, whose help is truly appreciated), this one is for both of you. Enjoy.

Update:- SITE revamp is in progress. Pls. bear with some broken links. NEXT- A separate | Message Board was added for various Nikon cameras that were NOT being featured in comprehensive site..


Compact Models

Nikon Rangefinders

Nikonos Model

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The Rangefinder

The Nikonos


Digital SLRs

Compact Nikon SLRs:-
Nikkormat/Nikomat Models
Nikon FM Series | Nikon FE Series | Nikon FA
Super Compact Nikon SLRs:
EM, FG & FG-20.
Development History on Nikon
Digital SLR series
Nikon Pro F-Series:- Nikon F | Nikon F2 | Nikon F3 | Nikon F4 | Nikon F5

| Nikon Flash Models
BC Series | Nikon Speedlights | Nikon AF-speedlights
Relative: Non-AI, AI-modified, AI, AI-S | Rare & Collectible Nikon models

Eyes of Nikon:-
Rangefinder Nikkor lenses
Manual Focus Nikkor Lens Resources
autofocus Nikkor Lens Resources

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Pictorial History going French - developed/modified by Mr. Jean-Christophe DICHANT
Desperately looking for a capable person to be the co-maintainer of this site.

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Credit: Images of the Screw-mount Nikkor 5cm lense courtesy of Mr. Mike (blackS2) .