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Nippon Kogaku Japan / Nikon S-mount RF Nikkor-Q .C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm telephoto lens
for Nikon S-bayonet mount rangefinder cameras - Part III

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Nippon Kogagu Japan Nikkor-Q.C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm new style design for Nikon rangefinder cameras in black
Nippon Kogaku Japan S-mount Nikkor-Q.C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm (Black) Telephoto lens for Nikon rangefinder cameras. Year introduced: July, 1956, discontinued: early '60

In 1956, Nikon had revised the design of the Nikkor-Q.
C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm telephoto lens. Although internally, the optical glass arrangement was still retained the identical principle with all previous predecessors in the same 4 E/3G, but this was seen as a true effort by Nikon as the new appearance of the lens not only has shred off long time copycat image under the shadow of Carl Zeiss Sonnar, but it is more functional in actual usage, as well as providing a more modern feel to supplement both chrome/black-bodied Nikon as the lens mix of chrome/black on the lens is harmonic to both.

The change involved in many areas, such as replacement of main materials used for lens construction, improving lens handling via reduction in its overall weight. You can say it was a facelift model but I think the main objective was still related to lowering the product cost. The redesigned lens, only weighs 390g as compared to 495g on the chrome/brass built predecessor. The main reason that has contributed to reduction of the weigh is use of lighter Aluminum which substituted the heavier chrome/brass metal.
Except for the front ring, lens mounting ring and the lens mount which is chrome (inner ring satin-chrome), the entire lens is basically has three different metal textures with black dominating the control sections (as well as the tripod collar at the base). The lens mount is still using solid brass in order to withstand frequent lens changes by photographers. Another area that separates the lens from the previous all-black 135/3.5 is the focusing and aperture ring use a new design which said to be offering a easier and firmer grip. This was in-lined with the standardization with other Nikkor lenses such as the first Nikkor which adopted this new grip design, Nikkor-P 1:2.5 f=10.5cm (1954) as well as others such as the Nikkor-P.C 1:2 f=8.5cm second version) which also happened to be introduced at the same year in 1956. But the most significant difference relating to this change of the revised design of the Nikkor-Q.C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm is the weight factor. Below is a direct comparison between the two models:-
Comparing the older and newer series of Black finish Nippon Kogagu Japan Nikkor-Q.C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm for Nikon rangefinder cameras
optical ddesign of Nikkon 135/3.5 in rangefinder S-Mount Regardless, the Nikkor-Q.C f=13.5cm sold very well in numbers, approx. 14,000 of this series were produced and distributed worldwide, making it the best selling single Nikkor model in the 135mm focal length. One of the main reason was fueled by popularity of the Nikon after the professional NIKON SP was introduced just barely few months later after its debut. Further, Nikon flagship camera models such as SP and Nikon S3 has 135mm bright line frame built-into the viewfinder, hence eliminating the needs of external optical finder.

The Japan Patent Number and EP engravings on the Nippon Kogagu Japan Nikkor-Q.C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm new style design for Nikon rangefinder cameras in black
<<< --- Some of the early series may still bear the "EP" inscription but this is not a cause in affecting premiium collector value. Further, the brass lens mount has this J.Pat. 188.481 (Japan Patent Number), just curious, can anyone provides some information what is new on here ? The lens design, optical ? lens mount ? Errr ....

Front and rear lens mount of Nippon Kogagu Japan Nikkor-Q.C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm new style design for Nikon rangefinder cameras in black

Vertical view of a typical new design (black colour) Nippon Kogagu Japan Nikkor-Q.C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm  for Nikon rangefinder cameras

One way or another, the change also extended to some of the accessories. The filter size is now using Nikon RF standard lens accessory size (Series VII) 43mm accessories; the matched black paint aluminum lens hood is a Snap-On, screw-in type and can still be stored reversibly. In some cases, the metal front cap with the Nippon Kogaku logo was replaced with plastic type. It is interesting to note the Leica threaded version, although weighs heavier, but also has the same accessory size with the S-Mount Nikkor (Contax bayonet mount model is the same too).
The dedicated, matching original lens hood for Nippon Kogagu Japan Nikkor-Q.C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm new style design for Nikon rangefinder cameras  Old lens hood for Nikon reflex F 135mm f/4 <<< --- The lens hood has a tiny emblem (far left, bottom), this was used in many of the accessories during the Nikon F reflex system. shown above is the hood for 135/4, it has the same emblem.
Matching, correct type of optical chrome and BL bright frame line finder for Nippon Kogagu Japan Nikkor-Q.C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm  for Nikon rangefinder cameras
Although there were fixed focal length (135mm) chrome optical finder as well as zoom finders all along to be used for other Nikon models and SP/S3 can utilize the built-in bright line frame; Nikon had generously designed an external BL finder in black specifically to match this black finished 135mm. Probably good sales had them reconsidering the potential of side income, hehe ...

lens elements at front and rear element for Nippon Kogagu Japan Nikkor-Q.C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm new style design
<<< --- The front and rear section of a Nikkor-Q.C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm. Picture taken by Kelvin. The lens data may not show the "C" anymore as after first quarter of '50, it is assuming all Nikkor lenses were coated optic. An example is the photo shown at the top of this page has no "C" at the lens data at the front ring.

The satin chrome and brass lens mount on the Nippon Kogagu Japan Nikkor-Q.C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm new style design for Nikon rangefinder cameras
Technical Specifications: -

Lens Mount
: Nikon S-Mount for RF Nikon. LEICA M39 Screw Mount / Contax Bayonet mount

Focal Length: 135mm (13.5cm);
Diaphragm: Manual; Optical Construction: 4 elements 3 groups
Focusing range: 5.4ft/1.65m~OO
Picture Angle
: 18
° (10° x 15° )
Maximum / Minimum Aperture range: f/4 ~ f/16 for Nikkor-Q.C 1:4 f=13.5cm; f/3.5 ~ f/16 for early Nikkor-Q.C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm chrome/brass; f/3.5 ~ f/32 Nikkor-Q.C 1:4 f=13.5cm 2nd version chrome/brass and black paint versions, f/3.5 ~ f/32 for 3rd version black with new design;
Filter Attachment Size: 43mm (Series VII)
Lens Hood: standard accessory; reversibly stored; dual piece design, screw-in for earlier models; Snap-On, screw-in front cap type for last version
Optical Finder: Optional; Chrome 13.5cm external finder, BL Black available, usable with other Nikon zoom finder types (variframe/Varifocal),
Weight (lens only): approx. 495g for early models; 390g/13-3/4oz for last black version (Nikon Bayonet); Leica SM version: 16-3/4oz
Standard/Optional Accessories: leather case; lens hood, front/rear caps (varies from metal for earlier models, plastic for later models or mixed)
Other Information: Quantity Approx. 900 units for Nikkor-Q.C 1:4 f=13.5cm; Approx. 3,000 units for Nikkor-Q.C 1:3.5 f=13.5cm (MIOJ); Approx. 12,000 units for f/32 Nikkor-Q.C 1:4 f=13.5cm chrome/brass/black paint combined; Approx. 14,000 units for last model Nikkor-Q.C 1:4 f=13.5cm in black. Ref: Robert Rotoloni An Illustrated History on Nikon Rangefinder camera.

M39 Nippon Kogaku Japan Nikkor-Q 1:3.5 f=13.5cm for LEICA LTM /LSM rangefinder camera bodies
M39 Nikkor-Q 1:3.5 f=13.5cm for LEICA rangefinder bodies

The model for Leica Thread Mount (LTM/LSM) has the rear lens mounting ring flat. Generally, Leica version weighs heavier than the Nikkor or Contax. The base tripod collar is chrome, not black and uses a pair of large screws lock on the lens and not on the collar as found on the Nikkor/Contax equivalent.
Front and rear lens mount view of a M39 Nippon Kogaku Japan Nikkor-Q 1:3.5 f=13.5cm for LEICA LTM /LSM rangefinder camera bodies

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