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Move your feet around the subject of interest. Select the best strategic position - in relation to light source, viewpoint, background info, proportional ratio in your composition and others!

Sounds complicated, I thought so.

In simple terms, IF situation permits, move yourself OR ask the subject of interest move to your advantage. Take the case of light source, try not to have the sun behind the subject - it demands greater knowledge in handling technique like exposure compensation or fill flash photography (unless certain photographic effect is desired - like silhouette).

The viewpoint requires you to identify what and which angle best describe the situation of what you see in the viewfinder. Imagine taking a shot your kids at home, top view, low angle perpendicular to their height or may be even tilting your camera upwards can give respective interesting results in final prints.

Background info of your subject can add depth and rich information to the picture. When working with portraiture, move around yourself to select a simple and non-obstructive background to emphasize your subject of interest.

Just move around, fore and backward, five or six feet to your left and right, or even up & down - all the viewpoints that you try can alter the perspective.

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