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Canon OD F-1 Camera

Official model name: Canon ODF-1, officially launched in January, 1978. It has never been sold outside the main land of Japan. Total quantity produced was 2,002 units. This is a limited edition based on a revised Canon F-1body configuration. Most external parts are finished in olive drab (OD) military color. It was sold specifically in mainland Japan only. The set included a wide strap and soft case also finished in olive drab. This setup is the most complete seen so far from any sales. It looks so beautiful... Hey, this is tempting enough, I have the urge inside to ask - how much would this cost ?

" .... Canon F-1 Olive Drab Boxed w.Case Military Near Mint condition, original olive paint Canon F1 with matching Box, case and strap.." -

Credit: This fabulous image of the ODF-1 was contributed by "Photo Arsenal®" <>. Image copyright 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer. Photo Arsenal has a website: PHOTO ARSENAL COLLECTOR`S SERVICE

UPDATE:- Take a look at a NIKON F OLIVE COLORED BODY (Re-Engineered Model); LEICA M3 Olive Green

Technical Specification relating to the Canon OD F-1:

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146.7 x 99.5 x 49.5 mm
WEIGHT: weighing 845 g (Body only)
LOADING: Multi-slot spool, emulsion-in winding
LENS MOUNT, COUPLING: CANON breech-lock bayonet, FD coupling
PENTAPRISM: Interchangeable prism SLR
MAG.: 0.77x w/50mm lens

Credit: Image of the ODF-1 was contributed by "Photo Arsenal®" <>. Image copyright 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer. Photo Arsenal has a website: PHOTO ARSENAL COLLECTOR`S SERVICE

VIEWFINDER INFORMATION: Meter Needle, Following Needle, Battery Check Mark and Shutter Speeds
FIELD OF VIEW: Vertically 97%; Horizontally 97%
RANGE-FINDING AIDS: Split-image/Microprism (E) Screen standard, plus 8 other user-interchangeable screens.
SHUTTER: Mechanical, dual roller focal plane
CURTAIN: Metal blades
SHUTTER SPEEDS: B 1 2 4 8 15 30 60 125 250 500 1000 2000
BATTERY: H-D Mercury cell, 1.35V S
SELF TIMER: Mechanical, 10 sec.
FILM TRANSPORT: Stroke: 139°, Standoff: 30°, Short-stroke winding OK, Power winder F, Motor Drive MA, and Motor Drive Unit usable
MULTI-EXPOSURE: Yes, via Rewind button
REWIND: Manual crank rewind after pushing automatic resetting rewind button.
EXPOSURE MODES & METERING: TTL, CdS, center area (12%) maximum aperture match needle metering. Metering angle: 18% w/50mm lens. Range: EV 2.5 to 18 (1/4 sec., f/1.2 to l/2000, f/11) with f/1.2 lens at ISO 100.
FILM SPEED RANGE ISO (ASA): 25 to 3,200 in 1/3 stop intervals
BATTERY CHECKER: ASA100;1/2000 needle indicator
MISC. SPECS.: The OD finish is the same quality as the black finish of the normal Production unit of the F-1.

ACCESSORIES: Same as the normal Canon F-1 model
Accessory shoe, Back cover, Base cover, Body, Front cover Front panel, Main switch knob. Mirror slamp levers, Rewind crank parts, Self timer lever, Shutter button ring and lock, Shutter speed knob, Top covers, Winding lever (except for plastic tip).

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* Credit: Mr Douglas A. Napier of Dugwerks Photo Exchange mailed me this picture. Retouch up slightly to restore the original color. Hope this is right. Thanks!

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