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INTRODUCTION 1. The P (Program) Mode provides fully automatic flash photography by merely setting the mode selector and pressing the shutter button.
2. The A-TTL mode provides simple, fully automatic operation under any conditions from total darkness to fill-in flash.
3. The FE Lock mode incorporates the AE lock concept into flash photography using spot metering.
4. Two manual modes, Hi and Lo, can be selected in accordance with the exposure conditions.

The 300TL is also equipped with the built-in zoom mechanism that covers the focal length of the lens down to 24mm without a wide panel, and a bounce flash mechanism, plus automatic slow sync flash mechanism. In addition, fully automatic TTL multiple flash photography using up to four Canon Speedlite 300TL or Canon Macro Ring Lite ML-2 units and the second curtain sync flash photography are also possible. For a full understanding of the 300TL, please read this instruction booklet carefully before using the flash.

TTL Control System The sensor inside the camera body measures the light reflected from the film surface and cuts off flash emission automatically when the subject has been properly exposed. Since only the light which has passed through the lens is measured it is not necessary to make any exposure compensation, and more accurate exposure can be obtained.

* Two views of the SPC that handle the TTL flash at the mirror box. - Tom Scott -

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Various Canon
Speeedlite models.

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External Resources created by Mr. Christian Rollinger: Macrolite ML-1(HTML); Macrolite ML-2; Macrolite ML-3; Speedlite 133a; Speedlite 155a(HTML); Speedlite 177a; Speedlite 188a(HTML); Speedlite 199a; Speedlite 244t; Speedlite 277t(HTML); Speedlite 533; Speedlite 577

Selective Canon TTL Flash Models:- 300EZ | 300TL | 420EZ | 430 EZ | 480EG | 540EZ | other non-TTL Canon flash models



Operation Summary
Before Flash Photography
Loading the Batteries
Mounting the 300TL on the Camera
Main Switch and Pilot Lamp
Test Firing
The SE (Save-Energy) Function
Zoom Mechanism
Flash Modes and Applications
[1] Full Auto Mode
[2] A-TTL Mode
[3] FEL (Flash Exposure Lock) Mode
[4] Manual Hi (M Hi) Mode
[5] Manual Lo (M Lo) Mode
Basic Operation
[1] Full Auto Mode
[2] A-TTL Mode (Program AE; Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority)
[3] FEL Mode (Program AE; Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority)
[4] Manual Mode
Intermediate Operation
FEL Mode + H/S Control
Slow-Sync Flash Photography
Second Curtain Sync Flash Photography
Fill-in Flash Photography
Bounce Flash Photography
Multiple Flash Photography
Multiple Flash Accessories

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