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Most mid range cameras upwards to pro calibre camera usually have a Data Back within the system. It will be a joke, if there isn't any provided. Why ? Even the cheaper, point-&-shoot compact cameras do provide this option and I can't imagine the scenario if the SLR camera does not has this option for its users. When the camera goes "high-tech" (meaning heavily-dependent on IC and microchips to function, it only needs extra few contact points behind the camera to link and communicate the data stream back to the main body for processing). The early days of auto cameras only offer simple data imprints on the film for recording or references. But when it comes with a high technological camera like the T90, many options opened up for more features like remote, time lapse or even allows you to store the shooting data and downloaded to a print media. (Nikon's F90x has a computer link to store and record your photographic data to a laptop computer via fibre optic link).

Anyway, Canon has produced two optional (means you have to pay for it) data backs for the T90. They termed them as Command Backs, one was selling world wide and mysteriously , the other, the Data Memory Back, was distributed quite restrictively Officially, Canon said this was not available in the North American market and "some other areas"..(Not specified).

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Built ln Timer Functions with the Command Back

The Command Back 90 both records data and controls the T90 for various types of timed photography. By using one of the timer functions, you can capture periodic scenery changes over a fixed length of time or make astronomical or ecological photographic studies.

External Resources created by Mr. Christian Rollinger: -MSX DMB Interface manual (HTML); Data Memeory Back (HTML);

The Self-timer function releases the shutter after a predetermined period of time. The Interval Timer releases the shutter at fixed intervals. You can select any interval from 1 sec. up to 23 hours, 59 min. 59 sec. The Long Release Timer holds the shutter open for a fixed period of time when the T90 is set to "bulb."And the Frame Counter Setting stops the camera after a set number of exposures has been made.

Data Functions include auto printing of the date, the time of day, a frame counter number, or an arbitrary 6-digit number plus the letters A through F.

The T90 lets you choose between two self-timer modes. Use the 10 sec. mode for photographs that you want to be in. The 2 sec. mode is used as an alternative to a cable release for the softest possible shutter release in close up photography.

The Remote Switch 60T3 is designed to be used when the camera is mounted on a tripod for close up photography or when using a telephoto lens with which camera-shake can be a problem.

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Data Memory Back 90

It can store, then reads back key photographic data such as shutter speeds and aperture values for later review. Two types of data storage are available. The standard mode records 16 separate types of data. Total memory capacity is 156 exposures. The reduced mode features a capacity of 338 exposures and records only the six most essential bits of information, such as shutter speed, aperture setting, etc.

New ! Canon T-90 - Data Memery back Interface with a Laptop by Pawel Nabe

Stored data can be read back on the unit's LCD monitor panel. By using the Interface Unit DMB (No pix for this), shooting information can be transferred to an personal computer for full screen review or even print out the data sheet!

Moreover, the Data Memory Back 90 can print essential data directly onto the photograph: auto date, day/hour/minute, and frame counter number.

Note: Data Memory Back 90, Interface Unit D.M.B. and MSX computer are not available in North America and some other areas.

Recommended External Link: Instruction Manual for Canon T-70, T80 and even T-90 Command Back. An excellent Canon FD resource page brought to you by Christian Rollinger from Luxembourg.

You may require to see some accessories
remote/unmanned photography with the T90.

Its Metering, Exposure control, Flash photography, Viewfinder display, Film Backs, Built-in Motor Drive, the brains, Focusing Screens Other capabilities and the eyes of Canon; Full specifications with details illustrations of its various controls, available in HTML / PDF (184K) format.

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