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Canon T90 - Full Specifications

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Bottom area:

A: 7 segment LED digital display
1. Shutter speed flashes (red) - at 4 Hz give out-of-metering-range warning light.
2. Aperture flashes (red) - at 4 Hz give out-of-metering-range warning light.
3. All hyphens (red) - data imprint confirmation; displayed only when special accessories are attached.

B: 7 segment LED character display
EEEE EE (red) - error warning; displayed when the lens is set to "A" during stopped down operation.
HELP (red) - camera malfunction or operational error warning.

C: 3 segment LED display
1 * (red) - AE Lock indicator in partial area metering and spot area metering.

D: LED mask lighting display

M (red) - manual indicator.
2 (
green) - flash charge completion indicator.
3 +/- (red) - exposure compensation indicator.

Right hand side:

Dot and 7 segment digital transparent LCD display.

1. (white on blue background) - multi-spots metering indicator, H/S control indicator, and remaining frame display.
2. (White on blue background) FE Lock indicator when the Speedlite 300TL is used with the camera in the FE lock mode.

1. Shutter priority AE with selectable Safety Shift function (ON/OFF possible)
2. Aperture priority AE with selectable Safety Shift function (ON/OFF possible)
3. Standard program AE
4. Variable shift program AE (selectable out of 7 programs)
5. Manual
6. Stopped down AE
7. Stopped down (fixed index) metering
8. Flash AE (possible with specified Canon Speedlites)

a. Exposure compensation index: +/- 2 steps by 1/3 increment.
b. H/S control: +/- 4 steps by 1/2 increment (can only be used during spot metering, and in the FE lock mode with the Speedlite 300TL)

1. A-TTL flash-auto: Using A-TTL program and the near infrared pre-flash of the Speedlite, the correct aperture value is automatically set according to the shooting distance and subject reflectivity. X-sync speed is also automatically set between 1/60 -1/250 sec. upon flash charge completion. TTL control system which meters the light reflected from the film surface. Automatic fill in flash is possible.

2. FE lock TTL flash-auto: The camera's FE lock program automatically sets the aperture. The main flash tube produces pre-flash and the reflection from the subject is measured by TTL spot metering and is entered into memory. X-sync speed is also automatically set between 1/60 -1/250 sec. upon flash - charge completion. Automatic fill flash is possible.

a. Main power source - four AA-size batteries. Alkaline manganese batteries are standard but carbon-zinc and NiCd batteries may also be used.
b Memory back-up - built in Lithium battery (BR-1225 or CR-1220), batteries life is approx. 5 years

Speedlite 300TL: Instruction Manual

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T-90 Camera Manual (Only available in HTML Format) (new) :| Canon 300TL Flash ; Canon A and T series SLR cameras. (new) The Eyes of Canon ...An external source Prepared by Christian Rollinger for Canon 300TL Flash Operational Manual in PDF (2.04MB)

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