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From: "Tom Scott" <>
To: "XXXXXXX" <>
Subject: Re: Picture of SPD photocell
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 03:11:06 -0500
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You are looking at the cell and it is angled toward the shutter curtain. I was held the mirror up using the shutter release on bulb setting and the cell is the bright spot in the rectangle above the aperture lever. You can't see the shutter curtain for two reasons. First, the shutter is open and second, the picture was taken at an angle that prevents you from seeing it if it was there. If the picture was taken at a shallower angle, you would see a very overexposed frame of film.

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However, I will shoot it again. I may be able to hold a small mirror in the body and get a better shot of it. 


From: "Tom Scott" <>
To: "xxxxxxxxxxxx" <>
Subject: Re: Picture of SPD photocell
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 13:31:22 -0500
X-Priority: 3

Here is a new photo of the SPD cell.  It has obviously been shot from the rear of the camera with the shutter open so that you can get a clear view of it.

Tom Scott

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