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Technical Speciflcations for EOS-1N RS logo Only those items which are different from the EOS-1N with PDB-E1 are described below. Items not described here should be deemed same as with the EOS-1N with PDB-E1 setup.



Type   35mrn focal plane shutter (vertical travel) type AE and AF single-lens reflex camera integrating high-speed motor drive function and a fixed half mirror.
Focusing modes  

The following 3 modes (identical to the EOS-1N with PDB-E1):

(a) One-shot AF mode.
(b) Moving object predictive AI servo AF mode. However, while in RS mode, Al servo AF cannot be used. If RS mode is selected while in Al servo AF mode, the focusing mode automatically changes to one~shot AF;
(c) Manual Electronic ring manual focusing (manual focus compensation) is possible during continuous shooting.

AF operation   CF-No.4-0: Activated by pressing the shutter button to the first step.
CF-No.4- 1: Activated by pressing the AE lock button.
CF-No.4-2: Activated by pressing the shutter button to the first step. When the AE lock button is pressed ON, AF operation is interrupted while the AE lock button is pressed. However, AF operation cannot be activated in RS mode while the shutter button is pressed halfway with the aperture stopped down in the ready state.
AF focusing completion indication   The LED (in-focus indicator) lights inside the viewfinder. In-focus beep at AF completion can be selected: CF No. 12-0: Does not beep / CF-No. 12- 1: Beeps.
AF working range   EV -1~19 (ISO 100)
Focusing screen   Standard equipped with new laser-matte full-surface screen with fine spot metering mark (Product No.: Ec-N). However the focusing screen cannot be exchanged by the user but must be performed at a Canon service center.
Mirror   Fixed pericle mirror (reflection:transniission = 35:65) Image does not disappear from the viewfinder
Depth of field preview   Same as the EOS-1N with/without PDB-E1; However, in RT mode, SW-1 ON starts aperture operation but activations thereafter of the aperture stop-down button are prohibited.

eos1nRSfrontview.jpg eos1nRSsideview2.jpg eos1nRSsideview.jpg eos1nRScustom.jpg
These are the original images of the pre-marketed showcased model by Canon Marketing. I had them scanned via film but mistakes made - didn't scaled them at a lrger resolution and now these are all I had in m optical disk. The camera was handled by Philip Chong for the market preview project.

Exposure control    
AE modes   Depth-of-Field AE mode is not provided
Metering range   (a) Evaluative metering: EV1 - 20
(b) Partial metenng: EV1- 20
(c) Fine spot metering: EV +2 - +20
Exposure compensation   (1) AEB: Auto Exposure Bracketing; AEB setting and operation are not possible in RS mode. If AEB is set in an A mode, it is automatically canceled when the camera is switched to RS mode.
AE lock   Same as Canon EOS-1N; however, AE lock after completion of AF focusing in RS mode is not encouraged.
Shutter   Double -shading. focal plane vertical travel shutter Mechanism using carbon blades. All speeds electronically controlled. The elecironic control system and curtain speed are the same as the EOS-1N with PBD-E1
Release time lag   In normal mode, after pressing the shutter release button to wait until operation is completed, the time required from pressing the full actuation until the exposure starts, and the time required from pressing both actions simultaneously until the exposure starts are the same as the EOS-1N. The only thing is when operating in RS mode, fter pressing SW- I ON to wait for the end of sub-mirror movement, time requires from pressing full actuation of shutter release until the exposure starts is approx. 6 ms. (0.006 sec.)
Film transport  
Film transport modes   3 modes: High-speed of continuous exposure mode (CH), continuous exposure mode (CL) and single exposure mode (S).
Winding speed   Single exposure: Winds a frame with the same speed as the CH mode.
Continuous exposure: The winding speed is as follows using shutter speeds of Tv=1/1000 sec. or faster in RS-C
H mode, and Tv=1/250 sec or faster in other modes. [approx. fps]


RS mode

Normal Auto mode




Al servo AF









Shooting capacity
(24 exp / 36 exp.)

Power Sources

LR6 x 8

Ni-Cd Pack E1

FR6 x 8


normal (20 degrees)




low (-20 degrees)




LR6: Type AA alkaline-manganese dry battery; FR6: Type AA lithium battery.
Rewinding time


High speed rewinding: 24 exposure roll:approx. 4.5 sec./(36 exposure roll :approx 7 sec.)
Quiet rewinding: 24 exposure roll approx. 13 secJ(36 exposure roll:approx 20 sec.)
Film winding noise


approx. 50 dB
Credit: Image(s) courtesy of '"eBay Member: bnw2003" (e-mail)who specialises trading of new, used collectable cameras. The Company also operates a popular Ebay Store. All image(s) appeared herein are Copyright © 2005. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

Camera Body    
Custom Functions   Similar to those of the EOS-1N except for CF-No. 12.
CF-No.12-0:- No beep sound upon completion of AF focusing.
CF-No.12-1::- Beep sound emitted upon completion of AF focusing.
Power supplies   Virtually the same with EOS-1N with PBD-E1 setup
Main switch   3 positions: L - A - RS. OFF at the "L" position.
Dimensions   Virtually the same with EOS-1N with PBD-E1 setup; 161mm (W) x 155.9mm (H) x 78mm (D) 6-5/16" (W) x 6-1/8" (H) x 3-1/16" (D)
Weight g/oz   1300g / 45.5oz


net weight

available combinations

EOS-1n RS bare

1300 / 4.5

hand strap


batteries LR6 x 8





batteries NiCd Pack E1





batteries Lithium (FR6 x 8)





rough estimate combined weight


1320 / 46.2

1520 / 53

1500 / 54

1440 / 50

LR6: Type AA alkaline-manganese dry battery; FR6: Type AA lithium battery. Weight of GR-E1 hand grip for EOS-1N is approx. 50 g / 1.8 oz. Note: The weight of EOS-1n RS alone includes the battery magazine. The combined weight with the Ni-Cd Pack El excludes the weight of the type AA battery magazine.

EOS system accessory compatibility The dedicated PDB is permanently installed; the PDB-El or type AA BP-EI cannot be installed. Others are the sames as with the EOS-1N with PDB-E1 setup.

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Questions, Issues & Answers | Canon EOS-1 Series Message Board
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