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Canon's has introduced an updated Custom Function Control lets the user decide how the camera's software should work, Now users can tailor seven camera functions to their inclinations, shifting between alternative settings as often as they like.

1 Film rewind
2 Film leader positioning
3 Film speed setting
4 Autofocus operation

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Manual Aperture

5 exposure operation Shutter
6 Camera-shake warning tone
7 Manual focusing

Credit: Image courtesy of Mr. Ernest Swersky® <> ® Image(s) copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

User-selected Operation

Cancels automatic film rewind
Leaves film leader outside cartridge after rewind
Cancels automatic film speed setting for DX-coded film
Activates autofocus by pressing partial metering button
Set by electronic input dial only
Set by manual aperture set button or EL button and electronic input dial
Cancels camera-shake warning tone
Allows manual focus adjustments after autofocusing for USM lenses

Normal Operation

Film rewind starts automatically at end of roll
Film leader rewound inside cartridge
Film speed set by camera according to DX-code
Autofocus starts by pressing shutter button halfway
Set by manual aperture set button or EL button and electronic input dial
Set by electronic input dial only
Tone sounds automatically with main switch at " 0 " or It(m)".
Manual focus adjustments for USM lenses possible by setting focus mode switch to "M."


1) Prevents rewind noise when shooting in quiet areas
2) Simplifies reloading for film cartridges that haven't been fully exposed, also allows easy film retrieval during development
3) Useful for photographers who often adjust film speed
4) Separates focus and metering operations for easy-handling focus lock shooting
5) Manual handling, a preference for one-touch aperture or shutter speed control
6) Reduces camera noise when shooting in quiet areas
7) Allows manual focus adjustments after autofocus for USM lenses

Credit: Images courtesy of Mr. Phoon of Phoon Foto, Ipoh ® where he also operates a popular website ( trading new/used photo equipment. Image copyright © 2003. All rights reserved.

The control number appears in the display panel. Set control combinations as desired.


Users can go from broad to targeted light metering with a choice of two metering systems.

Evaluative Metering gives users "built-in" confidence for exposures in any light. It breaks the viewfinder image into six separate zones and measures light in each individually. A computer then compares that data with thousands of photographic examples to deliver accurate exposures across a broad range of conditions.

The Partial Metering system analyzes only the center 6.5% of the viewfinder image. Used with exposure compensation, this gives users complete shadow and highlight control.

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