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Nikon F - The Original Lenses (1959-1965) for the Nikon F


Nikon F Chrome Photomic FTN with Nikkor-O 2.1cm f/4 ultrawideangle lens

Nikon F Photomic FTN set

Late Nikon F chrome with Photomic FTN, 4/2.1cm Nikkor-O (type 2), rear cap, orig. 2.1cm finder. Approx. Year: 1973. Many of the rangefinder Nikkor lenses bridged between the RF and Reflex Nikon duting those days. There are many LINKS to the old RF lenses to the new Autofocus Nikkor lenses at the bottom of this page.

CHECK the rangefinder RF version of the 2.1cm f4 Nikkor-O

Credit: Image courtesy of Mr. Peter Coeln from LEICA Shop®, Austria who also operates a popular Westlicht Auction House. Image Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.


2.1cm f/4-16 Nikkor-O

3.5cm f/2.8-16 Nikkor-S Auto

5cm f/2 Nikkor-S Auto

10.5cm f/2.5-22 Nikkor-P Auto

13.5cm f/3.5-32 Nikkor-Q Auto


5.8cm f/1.4-16 Nikkor-S Auto

10.5cm f/4-22 Nikkor-T Preset

8.5~25.0cm f/4~4.5-16 Zoom-Nikkor Auto


5.5cm f/3.5-32 Micro-Nikkor-P Preset

13.5cm f/2 Nikkor-? Auto

20.0cm f/4-32 Nikkor-Q Auto

50.0cm f/5 Reflex-Nikkor

100cm f/6.3 Reflex Nikkor

3.5~8.5cm f/2.8 Zoom-Nikkor Auto?


8mm f/8-22 Fisheye-Nikkor

43~86mm f/3.5-22 Zoom-Nikkor Auto

200~600mm f/9.5~10.5-32 Zoom-Nikkor Auto


55mm f/3.5-32 Micro-Nikkor-P Auto

200mm f/5.6-45 Medical-Nikkor Auto


50mm f/1.2 CRT-Nikkor Auto?

55mm f/4-32 UV-Nikkor Auto

85mm f/1.8-22 Nikkor-H Auto

300mm f/4.5-22 Nikkor-P Auto

CU-1 focussing unit

600mm f/5.6-22 Nikkor-P Auto

800mm f/8-22/64 Nikkor-P Auto

1200mm f/11-64 Nikkor-P Auto


50~300mm f/4.5-22 Zoom-Nikkor Auto

28mm f/3.5-16 Nikkor-H Auto

35mm f/3.5-32 PC-Nikkor-H Preset

50mm f/1.4-16 Nikkor-S Auto

135mm f/2.8-22 Nikkor-Q Auto

135mm f/4-22 Nikkor-Q Short Mount/Bellows Preset

180mm f/2.5-32 Nikkor-H Preset

250mm f/4-32 Nikkor-Q Preset

350mm f/4.5-22 Nikkor-T Preset

500mm f/5-45 Nikkor-T Preset

Much thanks to Ted Wengelaar for supplying a steady flow of F lens information.

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