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" ... Circa 1978 Nikon F2 High Speed žTitaniumÓ camera F2-7850389, with factory matched H-MD 785367 Motor drive and custom made "C" cell battery pack for lot's of power for a great deal of rolls of film without changing batteries. No one knows for certain, but the guess is that production ran under 500 units, therefore making it very rare and highly desirable for Nikon Collectors world wide now. For a camera which was actually used professionally, it seems to be in nice cosmetic and perfect mechanical condition. As you can see the first titanium curtain has a couple of tiny spots of paint wear. The second curtain is perfect. There is some paint wear on the corners of the camera. A few minor dings which can be seen in the photos as well. The special pellicle mirror allows the photographer to shoot at up to 10 frames per second! All camera functions work perfectly. The Pellicle mirror is also perfect without marks or scratches. Motor runs like it did the day it was made. Please review the photos thoroughly and if you have any questions, please email. For those of you requiring more detailed information that I can't provide here on this camera, you can research it more on the internet with such sites as Stephen Gandy's and various others through the Nikon Historical Society web site ( their links. And One more thing about the asking price. I thought it to be very fair, there is one other camera dealer in the UK who is advertising an F2 High speed in Ex++ condition for a mere $19,000.00 US$$. ..." Mr.Imre dePozsgay

Credit: Image courtesy of
Mr.Imre dePozsgay

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