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Nikon F2 High Speed Motor Drive camera F2H-MD by

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Credit: Image courtesy of
Mr.Imre dePozsgay

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Credit: Chuck Hester, US for his patience, encouragement and help to setup the various content in this site; Robert Johnson for some of his original images on the F2H-MD appeared in this site; Marc Vorgers from Holland who generously provide me with some of his images of F2ASGenesis-Camera for granting permission to use an image of the SS-F2 camera; MCLau®, who has so much time with me to prepare this site and not to mention buying a Nikon Coolpix 990 just for this site. Keat Photo, Kuala Lumpur for lending us their Nikon F2A; again, Mr Edward Ngoh the great camera collector who provides us his collection of F2AS with MD-2; for their images on th Speed Magny film backs; Mr Ted Wengelaar®, Holland for his continuous flow of input of early Nikon bodies; CYLeow ® , photo editor of the Star newspaper, Malaysia for some of his images used in this site. Mr Sover Wong, Australia for the great image of his F2 Gold; Ms Rissa Chan, Sales manager from Shriro Malaysia who has helped to provide some of the very useful input. Hiura Shinsaku®, Nikomat ML, Japan for some of his images on various F2 models; Augusto Staut, Brazil for his supplementary info on Nikon early SB-1 and SB-3 Speedlight. A contributing effort to a long lost friend on the Net - Made with a PowerMac, broadcast with a Redhat Linux powered server.