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Specifications for MF-11 250 Exposures Data Imprinting Film Back Magazine for Nikon F2 DATA Camera Set

In principle, the MF-11 Data back for F2 Data is very similar in nature with MF-17 designed for the electronic Nikon F3. The MF-17 allows you to imprint data on film with up to 250 sequential shots via operation with Magazine Back MF-4 (included) and optional Motor Drive MD-4.

MF-17 for Nikon F3 .jpg (12k) Loading...
Three simultaneous selections are possible: year/month/day hour/minutes/seconds and handwritten display data like F2 Data Camera Set. MC-15 cord included. Accessories like: MEMO PLATE SET, a replacement item for MF-17. Enables handwritten display data. Also works with previous MF-10, MF-11; SYNC CORD FOR MF-17, a replacement cord for MF-17. Also works with previous MF-10, MF-11.

The 250 exposures MF-11 Data Back which was supposedly being one of the two options available with F2 Data Camera Set along with 36 exposures MF-10, also work in conjunction with any of the Motor Drives (MD-1or MD-2 while MD-3 is not usable in such combination). In fact, the entire setup which Nikon claimed is hand-made or match to order was comprised of Motor Drive MD-2 and a power pack MB-1 as standard in later stages. Other usable accessories are EE Aperture Control attachment Unit (DS-11, DS-12 are recommended over earlier DS-1)and the unit is supplied with an AH-1 hand strap as standard.

The Unit only work with a Type-S focusing screen. As both bodies can be converted back to standard F2 units by switching to a standard camera back, installing any standard focusing screen and removing the special mask at the film plane. The purpose of the mask is to create a shadow on the picture corner in order to permit data to be imprinted. Handwritten massage or notes should be done on the memo plate. The mask is a removable type and should be removed when you intend to revert the F2 Data camera set to a normal F2 camera.

Personally, the hand made F2 DATA Camera Set with 250 MF-11 Bulk Film Magazine worked like a prototype for the MF-17 Bulk Film databack for Nikon F3.

Speed Magny Large-Format Attachment Back

Credit: (Based Largely on content developed by Michael Liu; Images Courtesy of :

",,,, In general, the Speed Magny system is designed for use with Polaroid instant-development film. This is most useful for checking lighting and for very fast reportage. Later on, third parties (generally Marty Forscher) who produced special backs for Nikon's F series which allowed direct (i.e. not through the complicated optical gyrations that the Speed Magnys provided) taking of instant pictures. Note that the Speed Magny 100-2 and 45-2 are F2-mounting versions of the SM 100 and 45; the RF never was adapted to the F2. Because the tripod socket location and back-mounting apparatus of the F and F2 are different, the Speed Magnys are not interchangeable.

When the light leaves the rear of the lens, it would normally strike the film residing at the film plane. With a Speed Magny back attached, the light strikes a condenser field lens, reflects off a first-surface mirror set at 45 degrees to the light's path, is sent through an EL-Nikkor relay lens to magnify the image, and reflects off another first-surface mirror at 45 degrees, finally striking the large-format film. In order to make the Speed Magny attachments somewhat compact, Nikon chose to make the two mirrors perpendicular to each other, rather than parallel (as in a periscope), so the film chamber resides under the lens, with the emulsion side facing away from the subject.

<<<<<--- Picture A
Mounting a Speed Magny is fairly easy, since it replaces the current back completely:

    1. remove the current F2 back via the small pin on the hinge-side of the back
    2. ensure that the condenser lens is dust-free
    3. attach the back to the F2 with the small hinge-pin
    4. screw the Speed Magny to the tripod socket via the small thumbscrew
    5. lock the thumbscrew with the larger dial sitting immediately next to the camera

Probk2.jpg Probk1.jpg Probk3.jpg
<<<<<--- Three fabulous views (41k JPEG) of Speedmagny 100-2 taken by

Note that because 3.25 x 4.25 and 4x5 have different aspect ratios than a standard 35mm frame, the viewfinder shows slightly more area than will be captured on film. The actual area is approximately 95% of the vertical and 74% of the horizontal; perhaps the T screen would be somewhat useful in outlining this area. This is independent of the vignetting caused by different lens's focal lengths (which in turn is governed more by the location of the lens's exit pupil). These are tabulated below.

Mikami introduced the Speed Magny 100 for the Nikon F in the beginning of the sixties ; the idea was to be able to produce full size instant pictures using a “small format” 35mm camera. To achieve this, the image is picked up by a relay lens placed at the film plane, sent on the 45° mirror that reflects it through a 50/2.8 Nikon enlarging lens that blows it up before sending it again on another 45° mirror and finally on the Polaroid film. The long optical path “eats” about 5 stops of light, so a shutter speed of 1/250s becomes 1/8s. Due to optical design, Speed Magnys are not compatible with lenses shorter than 85mm, except a few. A Speed Magny is a complete assembly that replaces the standard back of the camera. The unit is further secured on the camera by screwing it using the tripod socket.

Nikon bought Mikami around 1966 and kept producing Speed Magny units until the early eighties ! However, most of them were for the F, and it’s quite uncommon to find them for the F2 or F3 cameras. With many models with some variations produced in relatively small quantities, these unusual accessories deserve a place in any Nikon collection !

The Speed Magny 100-2 for the Nikon F2 is in almost mint condition, with very localized light brassing on a few spots.
Improvements over the original 100 back for the F include an integral “dark slide” for dismounting the back without fogging the film inside and a different camera tripod securing system. It uses standard Polaroid 8.5 x 10.8cm instant film, including 669, 665 P/N, and 679.
Specific features give Polaroid fans extra creativity in image and emulsion transfer, since very large aperture lenses, zoom or macro lenses can be used to produce unique results.


Vignetting Characteristics:

Severe: (projected image forms a complete circle on film, with a continuous black border)
28mm f/3.5
45mm f/2.8
Moderately Severe: (projected image forms almost a complete circle on film, with a two-piece black border)
7.5mm f/5.6
8mm f/2.8
20mm f/3.5
50mm f/2
Moderate: (projected image is darkened in all four corners)
24mm f/2.8
28mm f/2
35mm f/2
55mm f/3.5 from 1:10 to infinity
43-86mm f/3.5 at 43mm
Minor: (projected image is darkened in three corners)
35mm f/2.8 PC
55mm f/3.5 at 1:5
85mm f/1.8 at f/8-22
105mm f/2.5 at f/5.6-22
None: (no image darkening)
35mm f/1.4
50mm f/1.4
55mm f/1.2
55mm f/3.5 at 1:3 and up
85mm f/1.8 at f/1.8-5.6
105mm f/2.5 at f/2.5-4
all lenses 135mm and up
43-86mm f/3.5 at 86mm
50-300mm f/4.5
80-200mm f/4.5

Credit: zigzagboum

Speed Magny 100-2

Overall Length: 170mm (7.5 in.)?
Width: 190mm (8.7 in.)?
Height (from prism to bottom): 245mm (9.8 in.)?

Weight: 1,900g (4.3 lb.)?
Film Format: 3.25 x 4.25 in.
Magnifiying Relay Lens: EL-Nikkor 50mm f/2.8
Magnification Ratio: 3.2:1 (i.e. multiply 35mm focal length by 3.2)

Films to be Used:
(mainly) Polaroid Land Film Type 107 (ASA 3 000); Polaroid Land Film Type 108 (ASA 75 [Polacolor] -- replaced by; Polacolor 64 Tungsten and Pro 100, T-79); Polaroid Land Film Type 105 (ASA 75 [Pos/Neg] -- obsolete and no replacement)
Exposure Factor:
18 (i.e. divide ASA of film in use by 18)

<< --- Picture B

Film Holder: built-in (Polaroid CB-100?)
Relay Lens Cap: included, acts as darkslide

Credit: The 3 beautiful pictures A, B & C displayed here in this page were mailed to me by a gentleman with a bounced email address <>, please contact me if you are the rightful owner of these images so as appropriate credit can be given in due course. If you are not, please advice the whereabout you have downloaded them from and/or who took these images. Images shown here have been scaled and re-edited to fit in these cells.

This Speed Magny is supplied with a relay lens cap, which caps the EL-Nikkor and allows the Speed Magny to be removed without fogging the remaining film. Rotate the knob clockwise so that the "C" mark lines up with the white dot on the body of the Speed Magny. Earlier models do not have this capping feature.

<< -- Picture C

Those of you with Crown Graphics will be pleased to note that you can use 3.25 x 4.25in. film with this Speed Magny, too, although you can't remove the film holder, so you're stuck with what Polaroid chooses to supply, although they do have quite a range of films to choose from.

Speed Magny 45-2

Overall Length: 190mm (7.5 in.)?
Width: 220mm (8.7 in.)?
Height (from prism to bottom): 250mm (9.8 in.)?
Weight: 1,900g (4.3 lb.)?
Film Format: 4 x 5 in.
Magnifiying Relay Lens: EL-Nikkor 50mm f/2.8
Magnification Ratio: 4.1:1 (i.e. multiply 35mm focal length by 4.1)

Films to be Used: (mainly) Polaroid Land Film Type 57 (ASA 3 000); Polaroid Land Film Type 58 (ASA 75 [Polacolor] -- now obsolete; use Polacolor 64; Tungsten or Pro 100, T-79); Polaroid Land Film Type 55 (ASA 55 [Pos/Neg]); Polaroid Land Film Type 51 (ASA 640 (Pos), ASA 80 (Neg) [HC Pos/Neg]); Polaroid Land Film Type 52 (ASA 400, [PolaPan]); any type of 4x5 sheet film (with appropriate film holder)
Exposure Factor: 20 (i.e. divide ASA of film in use by 20, so Type 57 becomes ASA 150, effectively)
Film Holder: extra (Polaroid Sheet or 4x5 cut-film holder)
Relay Lens Cap: not included (film has built-in cap)

This is the most versatile of all the Speed Magnys, as it allows the film holder to be swapped between the standard Polaroid 4x5 sheet film holder (familiar to most of us who've done microscope photography) and the even more familiar 4x5 cut-film holders (e.g. those from Speed Graphics -- but I'm not sure if it will accept a Grafmatic holder). ..." Content for Speed Magny Large Format Film back provided by - Michael Liu -

Other Third Party Products: a rare view of a NPC Foscher's Pro Back for Nikon F2 Series models.

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