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Basic Flash Operation
Detailed Operations
Mounting Foot
Flash Head
Shooting Mode Selector
Exposure Calculator Dial
Open-Flash Button
Sync Socket
Wide-Flash Adaptor SW-4
Sync Cord SC-11
'RED EYE" Phenomenon



Designed exclusively for the Nikon F3 as a dedicated companion flash, the SB-12 Speedlight was Nikon's first flash unit introduced with the Nikon F3 in 1980. It is a direct-mounting electronic flash unit providing automatic TTL control of the flash exposure. And It was also Nikon's first flash to offer such a feature along with manual mode operation. Caution: Please note that the SB-12 only operates in manual mode with camera models other than the Nikon F3, even if you are using a flash coupler, or by way of a sync cord - so be very careful if you have been offered such a flash in the used market) . 'Technically', the sales assistant 'may not' be wrong, for other compact dedicated flash units like SB-16A, SB-17, which are also specially designed for the Nikon F3, can operate in either TTL (For F3), AUTO and manual, or even MD (Motor Drive Mode). The SB-12 is featured here because it was Nikon's first TTL flash and it should be the cheapest entry level TTL flash available in the used market, as it lacks the sophisticated features offered by other similar class units.

With the TTL flash exposure control feature offered in the Nikon F3, also Nikon's first in their SLR bodies because the light is measured through the lens, as long as you are following guidelines of how to set the flash correctly and more importantly, by ensuring flash-to-subject distance falls within the SB-12's working range, you are assured of perfectly exposed flash pictures with a wide variety of lenses and accessory attachments for the camera. By using a silicon-controlled rectifier and series circuitry, the speedlight is able to save its excess energy for the next shot thus reducing recycling time. Even though the SB-12 is as automatic as they come, it is still a good idea to familiarize yourself with the unit's basic operation and followed with "Detailed Operations ".

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Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Nikon SB-12 - User's Manual - Index Page

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