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SB-140 UV- IR

This is a special flash unit Nikon designed for Ultraviolet, visible and Infrared Photography with specialized lens such as the UV-Nikkor 105mm f4.0.

This highly speciazed flash unit offers Automatic TTL flash output control with Nikon F3-series via SC-12 cord, and Nikon F5/F4/F100/F90x/F90 and others like F70/F801S/F60/F50, via SC-23 cord. TTL flash output control only for visible light. Non-TTL automatic exposure control with any Nikon SLR cameras via SU-3 Sensor Unit for visible light

* Three-step automatic exposure control via SU-3 Sensor Unit. Aperture
settings (ISO 100, visible light) of f/4 at 2-26', f/5.6 at 2-18' and f/8 at 2-131'
* SW-5V Filter, 400-1000nm (for visible light). SW-5 UV Filter, 300-400mm and above 650mm (for UV light). SW-5 IR Filter, 750-1000nm (for IR light);
* Includes SC-11, SK-5, SW-3, SW-5V /5 UV / 5 IR. Requires SD-7 battery peck for operation

Prior to this 105mm f4.0 UV Nikkor lens pictured here, there was also a discontinued UV-lens at 50-55mm focal length.
* Guide number 105 as normal with SW-5V for visible light (ISO 100 and feet).
* Guide number 72 with SW-51R for infrared light.
** Guide number 52 with SW-5UV for ultraviolet light.
* Recycling time approximately 9.5 seconds in manual mode; faster in automatic modes of operation

* With Kodak Spectroscopic Type 103-0 film by using a Kodak D-19 developer at 68° for 6 minutes.
** With Kodak High Speed Infrared E ilm 2481 by using a Kodak D-76 developer at 68 C for 10 minutes.

Flash Sync Cord SC-11; Mounting Bracket SK-5; Sensor Unit SU-3; SW-5UV UV Adapter; SW-5V Visible Ray Adapter; SW-51R Infrared Adapter; C-Cell Battery Pack SD-7 (comes with SC-16 power cord)

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Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Nikon Flash Unit SB-140 UV-IR Bracket Flash - Index Page

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