Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Additional info on Nikon Speedlights SB-5 combinations and features

Automatic Exposure Control Plug the accessory SU-1 Sensor Unit into the head of the SB-5 flash, and you have automatic exposure control with a choice of three f/stops for creative control of depth of field.

Off-Camera Operation The SB-5's quick-release bracket allows the flash unit to be removed easily from the camera to create more flattering lighting effects when photographing people.
Off camera.jpg

Synchronization with Motor Drive At the special "MD" setting, the SB-5 will synchronize with a motor-driven F2 Nikon camera up to 3.8 frames per second. This combination is the ultimate in responsiveness when photographing children at parties or shooting indoor sporting events.

Bounce Flash The quick-release bracket has click-stops at 30° intervals, so that the flash unit can be tilted backward for bouncing the light off the ceiling. The accessory SC-9 Extension Cord permits the SU-1 Sensor Unit to be positioned on-camera for accurate and automatic control of the light. Bounce flash is great for creating soft, diffused-type lighting.

Multiple Flash By using the appropriate Nikon sync cord(s), up to three speedlights can be connected together in series for fool proof multiple flash operation. Perfect for photographing interiors or shooting indoor portraits where you need more than one flash unit.

Slave Operation Cordless, remote operation of one or more Nikon speedlights at distances up to 61 m or 200 feet. The SB-5 with SU-1 Sensor Unit set at the "S" position acts as the main light (and transmitter), while the remote flash is another SB-5 or an SB-7E/8E with the receiver portion of the optional ML-1 Modulite Remote Control Unit acting as the slave sensor unit. The superiority of this combination is that the SB-5 actually emits a modulated burst of light making it - impossible for another photographer's electronic flash unit to accidentally trigger your slave flash. Ideal for shooting sporting events with multiple flash units, where there will be other photographers in the area using electronic flash.

Accessories: SA-2, SC-9, SU-1, SC-4. SC-5, SC-6, SC-7; SF-1, SD-4, SH-2, SN-2, SK-3

  1. Extension cord SC-9. Enables automatic flash operation with the SB-5 off the camera. Permits mounting of the SU-1 on the camera's flash shoe and provides all ready-light and sync connections.
  2. Sensor Unit SU-1. Mountable on the SB-5 or on the camera's accessory shoe (via the SC-9). Permits selection of three f/numbers in automatic as well as manual and slave operation.
  3. Flash unit coupler AS-2. Used to connect the SC-9 to the ISO-type hot shoe.
  4. Ready-light adaptor SC-4
  5. Eyepiece pilot lamp SF-1
  6. NiCd battery quick charger SH-2. Used for recharging the SN-2 NC battery unit.
  7. NiCd battery unit SN-2. Used to power the SB-5 for normal picture-taking situations. Available with the SH-2 or separately.
  8. Coiled sync cord SC-6
  9. Extension cord SE-2. Extends to three meters to connect two flash units
    for multiple flash operation.
  10. Sync cord SC-5
  11. Mounting bracket SK-3
  12. Battery pack SD-4 Accepts two 0160-type (240) batteries or one 0160W-type battery. Useful for high-power applications.
Useful accessory:- Nikon original Flash couplers for various flash models foot incompatibility

SU-1 AS-2 SC-4

SH-2 SN-2

SC-6 SC-9

SC-5 SK-3

SE-2 SF-1


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Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Additional info on Nikon Speedlights SB-5 combinations and features

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