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Additional info on Nikon Speedlights SB-9 and SB-E

Nikon SB-9 FE.jpg
Nikon Speedlight SB-9

This is one of the most lightweight flash units Nikon has ever produced, quite similar to the SB-E model. But this flash is a lot slimmer (24mm), and lighter (87g) Nikon electronic flash unit, and it is designed specifically for the those who seek greater mobility and portability. There's no fuss or bother, just simple one-touch automatic flash control with two-way light intensity output. The high efficiency flash tube covers a full 560 x 400 area, large enough for up to a 35mm Nikkor lens, delivers just the right illumination density for all familiar photographic conditions (0.6-3.5mm for close-ups and 0.6-5m for longer range group shots).

As with all precision Nikon Speedlights, the SB-9 has a built-in ready-light and open-flash buttons. Pocketable, about the size of a pack of cigarettes, the SB-9 features a standard ISO-type mounting foot that incorporates a hotshoe

Speedlight SB-9 is an automatic only flash unit. The scales on the back of the flash unit show two f-number settings for each film speed that range from ASA 25 to ASA 400.

Useful accessory:- Nikon original Flash couplers for various flash models foot incompatibility


Type: NON-Energy saving AUTO only
: ISO type
Auto Range: Two
Manual Light Control: Full output only
Guide Number (ASA 100). Manual Meter (ft):

f-stop choices on AUTO with ASA 100: f/2.8; f/4.0
Max. shooting distance on AUTO meters(ft) Minimum is 2' (0.6m):
5 (16.5); 3.5 (11.5)
Angles of coverage:
56 degree x 40 degrees

Map.jpg AS-1.jpg SC-10.jpg
Power Source: 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries
Approx. No of flashes per battery or recharge:
AUTO; 200
Approx. Recycling Time (sec):
AUTO less than 9 sec; Manual: 9 sec.
Ready Light:

Open Flash Button:
Accessories: Flash Unit Coupler AS-1 for F & F2 bodies, AS-4, AS-7, AS-17 for F3 bodies. Sync cord SC-10 for connection to a body that not having a hot shoe; Soft case SS-9.
Dimensions: 56mm x 99mm x 24mm (2-3/16" x 3-7/8" x 15/16")
Weight: 87g (3 oz)
sb9mapback.jpg sb9mapfront.jpg

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Nikon Speedlight SB-E

Introduced with the Nikon EM camera in 1979 as a companion dedicated flash unit which means it is primarily intended for use with certain models and has special features when so used. It is an automatic light-sensing energy-saving flash with no manual or non-auto setting.

With the EM or Nikon FE or other equivalent Nikon camera models set to AUTO, the flash will automatically set the correct flash sync speed to the maximum sync speed, in the case of EM and FE, it is 1/90 second, and controls an LED in the viewfinder which serves as a ready-light or a warning light either to help you select correct aperture or to warn you of possible improper procedures.

In AUTO mode, you can select one of three different lens apertures, depending on film speed. There is a three-position switch marked "FE-FM", "OFF", and "EM". When you intend to use it with the EM, slide the switch to EM position, and move the switch to FM-FE when you intend to use it with either a FE or FM camera. With EM or FE, a ready-light on the flash and inside the viewfinder will glow up, indicating the flash is fully charged and ready to fire.

SB-E with FM and Other Cameras - The flash works as a conventional light-sensing automatic. You select 1/125 second or slower and set aperture according to the table on the back of the flash. 

A note on SB-E by Lars : you are not restricted to three apertures in the smart mode (with EM or FG-20) the three colour code just gives you examples of the auto ranges..

Readylite.jpg flashreadybk.jpg (7k) Loading..
Exposure control is automatically regulated by the light sensor in front of the SB-E.

EM SB-E.jpg (7k)
When you use it with the Nikon FE in manual mode, the speed must not exceed 1/125 sec or else the LED lamp in the camera viewfinder will blink as a warning. But when setting the shutter speed dial to M90 or B positions, the camera viewfinder LED serves only as a ready-light (NO warning LED light). Are you worried that the SB-E only works with the EM, FE or the FM as indicated ? No. Although it has some additional functions when used with such models, but it can be used as a conventional automatic electronic flash with any camera that provides X-sync to a conventional ISO hot shoe or via flash coupler with cameras that have a special accessory shoe such as Nikon F3 (Via Coupler AS-4, AS-7 or AS-17) or Nikon F & F2 bodies (Via Coupler AS-1).


Light output control: Automatic using silicon-controlled rectifier and series circuitry
Guide number:
17 (ASA/ISO 100 and meters)
Angle of coverage:
56° horizontal, 40° vertical; covers angle of 35mm lens
Recycling time:
Up to a maximum of approx. 9 sec. with a fresh set of batteries. Four 1.5V AAA-type alkaline-manganese batteries (manganese batteries may be used)

Auto-flash range:
0.6-6m (2-20 ft)
Ready-light contact:
For Nikon camera's built-in ready-light

Number of flashes:
More than 80 with a fresh set of alkaline-manganese batteries when used at approx. 20°C (68°F)

Mounting foot: ISO-type
Dimensions: (including mounting foot):
55mm(W) x 110mm(H) x 33mm(D)
(without batteries): Approx. 130 g

Note: The EM does not has a PC terminal and thus, cord/cable flash may not able to be used on the EM (Other than mounting a Sync Terminal Adaptor AS-15 atop the hot shoe).

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Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Additional info on Nikon Speedlights SB-9 and SB-E

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