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Here is a alternative Power Winder for you to consider to the Nikon MD-11/MD-12/MD-15 (only for Nikon FA). A Company, Soligor produces a slower, cheaper version of power winder for many major brands of manual focus SLR camera models. It is 2 fps, automatic film advance device but handy enough for quick shots at sport events or to take pictures of playing children or animals. The selling point is the slow manual film wind of your MF SLR camera can be an obstacle at times to handle such subject. Professional sport photographers are using electronic power winders for continuous shooting. This SOLIGOR Electronic Power Winder can easily be mounted on your camera. The built-in timer allows self timer shots in various intervals.

Credit: Mr Tan, Mr. Lim and Miss Jennie of Foto Edar, Kuala Lumpur for their help in getting me a Soligor Winder to shoot for all the images appeared in this site.

SOLIGOR GmbH Photo is a Company situated in Stuttgart, Germany with primary business in Optic and Video business. It was founded in Stuttgart early in 1968 under its former name A.I.C. Phototechnik GmbH. In 1993 the company changed its name to SOLIGOR GmbH. It supplies over 900 products such as Compact Cameras; SLR Camera Systems; Winder for SLR Cameras; AF & MF Zoom Lenses; AF & MF Teleconverters; AF & MF Close-Up Accessories; UV, Skylight and Polarizing Filters; Slide Duplicators & Transparency Viewers; AF & MF Electronic Flashes; AF & MF Ringlights; Exposure Meters and many other photographic accessories.

Off topic supplement: What is behind the name Soligor The prefix SOLI originates from solid and solidarity whereas GOR is a typical suffix for optical products. SOLIGOR therefore stands for reliable, high quality optics . The brand SOLIGOR has expanded over the years to include photographic accessories, video and electronic products.
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* Timer feature is Not available on all winder models


Compatible Nikon Camera SLR Models: For
Nikon FM2, FM2n, FE2 and Nikon FA cameras only (* Caution: Instruction manual that came with the Soligor Power Winder N-2TR indicates the N-2TR is NOT meant to be used for the original Nikon FE or Nikon FM). A reply from Soligor quoting " ..... the original Nikon FM and Nikon FE feature different electronics in comparison to newer FM2 and FE2 models...further, the latest Nikon FM3A is NOT compatible with the Soligor Power Winder N-2TR, and neither the Company has any immediate plan to introduce an upgrade for the new Nikon camera mode ....".According to an answer provided by Mr. Renate .Bachmann <Renate.Bachmann@SOLIGOR.de> from Soligor GmbH. For compatibility issue with your Nikon bodies other than those have mentioned usable, it is always advisable to check again, please refer to Soligor website for more detail.

Soligor GmbH
Schulze-Delitzsch-Straße 7
D-70771 Leinfelden-E.
Tel. +49 711 7 59 04-0
Fax. +49 711 7 59 04-44

: There is another Winder was tailored made for the ultra-compact Nikon FG, FG20 and EM.

Shutter Release: Via button on top of trigger grip
Winding Speed : Single frame, Continuous shooting with 2 frames per second.
Wind Modes: "C"- Continuous sequence or single frame pictures "S" - Single frame pictures only.
Timer settings: 5, 30, 60s and 5min.
Power Source : 4 AA batteries (Alkaline recommended).
Battery Life : Approx. 30 rolls 36 exposure film (Alkaline recommended).
Shutter Speed Range : All speeds except "B" or M250
Wind Confirmation LED :
LED signals. Red LED flashes on whenever the shutter is fired and during film advancing.
Power On Indication: Green LED lights when power is on.
Automatic Cut -off Circuit :
Auto off at the end of film. Winding stops automatically at film end.

Dimension: 143 x 71 x 97mm;
250g (without batteries)
Remote control socket , Tripod socket 1/4, Supplied with a half leather case
Accessories: Remote Control Cable 3m for Power Winder;
Specifications for Remote Control Cable:
Length 3m; Plug 2.5mm


A. Installing the Batteries Open the battery compartment by sliding the door down and hinging it outward. Insert 4 AA batteries in the same position as the markings in the battery compartment. For best performance, Ni-Cd rechargeable type or alkaline type batteries should be used.
B. Fastening the winder to the Camera Unscrew the winder coupler cover* (if any) on the bottom of the camera and insert it into the storage space provided on the winder. On FA cameras remove the hand grip on the front of the camera. Set the main winder switch "OFF" and attach winder to the camera by turning the coupling screw thumb wheel until the winder is firmly fastened to the camera. Set the winder main switch to "S" and press the winder trigger release once to engage the winder and cock the shutter. (Note - if the camera is loaded with film and the shutter is already cocked, this step can be omitted as it will cause the shutter to fire once).

* Note: Direct mounting for Nikon FM/FE series and Nikon FA, no removal of coupling cover is required. The N-2TR is also being made for other major brands where cameras such as some selective OM bodies would required to remove the motor drive coupling.

C. Choosing the Winding Mode
The operation of the winder will depend on the position of the winder main switch as shown below.

Speed switch.jpg
"C" - Continuous Sequence Pictures As long as the trigger release button on the winder is held down there will be a continuous sequence of pictures at up to 2 frames per second. For a single picture press the shutter release once and release it immediately. "S" - Single Frame Pictures When the trigger release button on the winder is pressed. a single picture will be taken and the film will be advanced automatically to the next frame. To take another picture you must release the trigger and press it again.

D. Selecting Camera Settings
The winder can be used with any camera setting except the M250 or B setting, (see Special Notes - Precautions). When the winder is set to the "C" position. the fastest picture sequence will be possible only if the shutter speed is 1/60 sec. or faster.

E. Rewinding the Film
When you reach the end of the film the sound of the winder will change suddenly. Check the film counter to be sure you are at the end of the film. Turn the winder main switch "OFF". Push the film rewind lever upwards and rewind the film normally using the camera's rewind crank.

F. Additional Information
Green "ON" LED: This will light whenever the main switch is in the "C" or "S" position ready for a picture. As there is no auto power off feature being incorporated. To conserve batteries turn the winder "OFF" when you are finished using it. Red Wind Confirmation LED: This will light momentarily when the shutter fires and the winder advances the film. it may also light as a warning that the camera setting is incorrect or that the film is at the end (see Special Notes - Precautions).
NOT available with aN winder models) Pictures can be taken by remote control by plugging an accessory remote switch into the "Remote" socket on the winder. The winder will operate in the same manner as if using the shutter release on the winder.

H. TIME DELAY FEATURE (NOT available on all winder models)
1 . Set the main function switch to "T".
2. Set the interval timer switch to the desired time setting. NOTE: The exact time delay will vary depending on battery type and condition.
3. Press the shutter trigger release on the winder and hold it down or use an accessory remote switch and lock it to start the picture sequence.
4. To stop the picture sequence, release the trigger button or unlock the remote switch and turn the wind "OFF".


1. Camera Shutter Button
If you use the shutter release on the camera, the winder will not advance the film automatically. Press the trigger release button on the winder once to advance the film.
2. Camera Film Advance Lever
The power winder will not function unless the film advance lever on the camera is pushed in flush with the camera body.
3. Manual Film Advance
It is not necessary to remove the winder for manually advancing the film. In some instances if you use the camera's wind lever you may feel a resistance. Do not force the lever. Push in the wind lever flush with the camera body and use the winder trigger release once to restore normal operation.
4. Winder Malfunction -
Red LED In certain circumstances the red LED may light but the winder won't function. One of the following conditions may exist.

a) Film needs rewinding : Please check the film counter. If the counter indicates that you are at the end of the film, turn the winder "OFF". Press the rewind lever and rewind the film.

b) No function when first attaching the winder: Correct operation can be easily restored in the following way:
1 . Pull out the film advance lever to the "ready" position.
2. Press the shutter release button on the camera to fire the shutter.
3. Push the film advance lever in flush with the camera body. DON'T TRY TO ADVANCE THE FILM MANUALLY.
c) Camera settings are incorrect:
The winder cannot be used with the"M250" or "B" camera setting. To restore correct operation follow the instructions in b) above.

887 N2W

Soligor GmbH
Schulze-Delitzsch-Straße 7
D-70771 Leinfelden-E.
Tel. +49 711 7 59 04-0
Fax. +49 711 7 59 04-44

Another Alternate by N.I.C. Power Winder for your Nikon FM2, FE2 and Nikon FA

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Credit: Mr Tan, Mr. Lim and Miss Jennie of Foto Edar, Kuala Lumpur for their help in getting me a Soligor Winder for all the images appeared in this site. Mr "Renate .Bachmann" <Renate.Bachmann@SOLIGOR.de> for his clarification on the compatibility issue with the Soligor Winder. Note: Certain content and images appeared in this site were either scanned from official marketing leaflets, brochures published by Soligor/Nikon and/or contribution from surfers who claimed originality of their own work to publish in this site based on educational merits. The creator of this site will not be responsible for any discrepancies that may arise from such possible dispute except rectifying them after verification. "Nikon", "Soligor" are registered tradename of Nikon Corporation Inc., Japan and Soligor GmbH, Germany. Site made with an Apple IMac.