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Nikon FM2/T Limited Edition Set

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It was not known the Nikon FM2/T has a Limited Edition Set until the auction has shown with such a model. According to materials, it says it was a Limited Edition No 214 w/ Serial Number 90012xx and approx. year was 1993 (?). It was supplied with a certificate and has no other sources if it was an official production or request production units from any commissioned party. Other than the certificate as well as a presentation rack with an additional metal plate (Camera section also has a smaller plate locates at the rear section just below the film rewind crank), other basic features were identical to the standard production unit.

Nikon FM2/T Limited Edition Unit No 214Nikon FM2/T Limited Edition Unit  with certificate and dedicated display rack and boxNikon FM2/T Limited Edition Unit  front viewNikon FM2/T Limited Edition Unit No 214 top section view of various camera features/controlsNikon FM2/T Limited Edition Unit No 214 rear section with customery display plate w/serial number 214 engraved

Nikon FM2/T Limited Edition Unit with Display/presentation rack and certificate
Credit: Images courtesy of Mr. Peter Coeln from LEICA Shop®, Austria who also operates a popular Westlicht Auction House. Image Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

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