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Highly collectible Olympus OM 2n with matching Gold Auto Zoom 35-70mm Gold Limited Edition


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Gold Olympus OM-2n with dedicated Gold Zuiko 35-70mm f/3.6

Original Starting bid: US $3,500.00

Description: "... This Olympus Gold OM-2n with original Olympus OM Gold Zuiko MC Auto-Zoom f=35-70mm 1:3.6 in the fitting leather bag (signature "Maitani" engraved at the leather front) was given to Olympus employees at their special personal anniversary in the early eighties. There was originally no box for these items. The present was given in this Maitani leather bag. ".... A camera maker that simply copies others' idea has no right to call itself an original maker in the first place." -Mr. Maitani, creator of the Olympus OM ("O" for Olympus, "M" for Maitani) photographic system.
The entire camera including the flash shoe is in totally golden. The leather is crocodile. Very beautiful item. And very very rare. Olympus gave me information, that they made only 20 (in letters: twenty) Gold OM-2n cameras worldwide in exactly this bundle with the special golden version of the Zuiko 35-70mm f3.6 and the "Maitani" leather bag. So it is much rarer than the Nikon FM2T "Year of the Dog" (300 units worldwide). I sold one "FM2T Dog" for US $3800 two years ago !!! And it is much rarer than the Nikon FA Gold (2000 units worldwide). Since I know Ebay I never saw a Gold OM-2n bundle for sale. The only Gold Olympus OM camera I ever saw was the known OM-1n Gold. It was made in 25 units worldwide.

Serial number of camera and lens do not pointing to an jubilee item in this case. You know, some special collector items of Nikon or Leica show the same number at body and lens. There is also an original and new unused manual. I tested camera and lens it is fully working like totally new. I bought these items some years ago from the daughter of an earlier Olympus employee. He got it for his 70. birthday in the eighties. This Gold OM-2n and the fitting Gold 35-70mm 3.6 lens are like new. It looks unused. The leather bag is in mint condition. At the bottom plate you can barely see, that the camera was placed in a display case for some time. But I think the most years it was in its fine leather bag...."
- Meinhard.Schmitt -

NOTE: This item was auctioned via Ebay


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Olympus OM2n Limited GOLD Edition
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