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Olympus Electronic Flash T32 - Main Reference Map

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1) ASA Scale
Remove the calculator panel and set the film speed under the index mark D at the top of the panel.

(2) ASA/ISO Index Mark

3) ASA Switching Knob
Slide the scale in one direction or the other in order to set the ASA film speed. The number will appear in the ASA Window.

4) Aperture Scale

(5) Mode Switching Knob
Slide the switch to MANUAL or AUTO. (There are three AUTO positions and two MANUAL positions.) Set it at the desired click-stop position to decide the mode of photography.

(6) Normal AUTO Index Mark
When set to the left index mark, the maximum usable flash to subject distance is approx. 8m (26ft). When set to the right index mark, the maximum distance is approx. 4m (13 ft). Whens et to the center index mark, the maximum distance is approx. 5.6m (18ft).

(7) Mode Switching Knob Index Mark

(8) MANUAL GN Index
In manual flash photography, set the mode switching knob to 32 or 16 (ASA 100) depending on the planned subject distance and aperture.

9) MANUAL-32 Aperture/Distance Table
Once the ASA film speed is set, you can read off the aperture corresponding to each subject distance at a glance.
In bounce (and diffused) flash photography, open the lens aperture two to four F stops beyond the aperture indicated on the T32.

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Olympus T32 Flash:
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Olympus Flash Units: T45, T32, T20, F280, T10 Ring Flash, T8 Ring Flash, T28 Macro Flash Single, T28 Macro Flash Twin, Quick AUTO 310 and T Power Control Version 1

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