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Operation Instruction for Motor Drive 1 The OM-1 or OM-2/Motor Drive 1 combination operates off a power unit - M. 18V Control Grip 1, Ni-Cd Control Pack 1 or M. AC Control Box - to perform high-speed motor drive photography. In addition to this manual, it is required to refer to the operating instruction given with each power supply.

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Please note some OM SLR models cannot take in a Motor Drive (But no problem to be used with a Winder, such as entry level model such as OM-10). In the OM FAQ, someone has pointed out that early Motor Drive 1 has no remote jack and there is no provision to store the removed motor drive coupling cover from the camera body whcih I have no confirmation from anyone but just have to assume that info is corrrect. The Motor Drive 1 was replaced by a vastly advance Motor Drive 2 (In terms of reliability and enhanced features built within when used with more recent SLR models such as Power Film Rewind etc..). Since we are confine to only OM-1 and OM-2 series models, we will only focus only on these few models when relates to compatibility issue.

Main Specifications

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Attaching the Motor Drive 1 to the Camera body The Olympus OM-1 and -2 cameras specially made for motor drive use can be identified by looking at the base plate which will have a) two caps, b) two metal contacts, and c) a guide pin hole. Early OM-1 models not made for motor drive use must be prepared to accept the Motor Drive 1. Those days, these OM cameras can be modified at authorized Olympus factory service centers for a charge, but it is hard to locate such service and it does not make sense to do so now with many other options available now.

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(1) Remove the motor drive socket cap from the camera base plate by rotating it counter-clockwise with a coin until the index dot on the cap is aligned with the index dot on the camera. (2) Store the removed motor drive cap in the Socket Cap Storage on the Motor Drive 1 to avoid loss: align the index dot on the cap with the index dot on the Motor Drive, and turn the cap clockwise with a coin until the index dot on the Motor Drive is aligned with the groove on the cap.

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(3) Insert the Guide Pin into the guide pin hole on the camera base plate. To assure proper connection, adjust the position of the Motor Drive until it is flush with the camera. (4) Turn the Clamping Screw clockwise until the Motor Drive is securely attached to the camera base plate.

Note: The Motor Drive cannot be attached to the camera if the Release Coupling Pin on the Motor Drive is moved out of its proper position by accident (e.g., hit in the gadget bag). To return the pin to the proper position: a. Connect the power supply (Control Grip, etc.) to the Motor Drive; b. Turn the Mode Selector to "SEQUENCE"; c. Short-circuit the Motor Drive by placing a small screwdriver or other metal object across the Camera Coupling Terminal for a few seconds.

Detaching the Motor Drive 1 (1) Turn the Clamping Screw counter" clockwise and detach the Motor Drive. (2) Replace the motor drive socket cap to the camera base plate.

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Important: After removing the Motor Drive be sure to replace the socket cap on the camera base plate to keep the camera free of dust and dirt, and to prevent the possibility of stray light entering the socket and fogging the film.

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