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Pentax LX Specifications


35mm full-frame single lens reflex camera with IDM off-the-film plane Aperture-Priority automatic or full manual exposure metering, TTL integrated flash control with Pentax "T" and "C" type flash units.

Lens Mount:

Pentax bayonet mount with fully automatic diaphragm coupling

Exposure controls:

Open-aperture, center-weighted, through-the-lens light metering for both automatic and manual modes. Integrated Direct Metering (IDM) system measures light at the film plane via Silicon Photo Diode (SPD): high-speed measurements for automatic operation are made off fixed pattern on front shutter curtain, slow speed measurements off curtain and film, automatic electronic flash/ambient light measurement with TTL "T"- and "C"-type flash models. Manual exposure range from EV 1 to EV 19 (at ISO 100 with f/1.4 lens); stepless automatic exposure range extends to EV -6.5 to EV 20 (125 seconds at f/1.2 to 1/2000 second at f/22, at ISO 100 at normal temperature and humidity). Meter activated by light pressure on shutter release with automatic shutoff after 25 seconds.


Standard FA-1 Interchangeable Eye-Level Pentaprism Finder features silver-coating and shows 98% vertical, 95% horizontal of picture area plus full data viewfinder display; built-in diopter correction by adjustment screw. Finder removable by release lever. 7 other Prisms available.

Viewfinder Illuminator:


Viewfinder Display:

Tricolor display for TTL-measured shutter speeds with green LEDs indicating hand-holdable speeds from 1/2000 second to 1/30 second, yellow LEDs as slow speed warning from 1/15 second to 4 second, and red LEDs indicating overexposure or long exposure and "X"-sync flash-ready light with TTL and dedicated flash units; blue flag indicates automatic at "A" and manually selected shutter speeds; aperture visible in standard FA-1, FA-1W, FC-1 and FD-1 finders.

Dioptric Adjustment:


Focusing Screens:

SC-21 standard focusing screen with center split-image spot surrounded by microprism collar on matte field; fully interchangeable with 11 other focusing screen models through the lens mount.


Large swing-back type, instant-return mirror to virtually eliminate image cutoff with most lenses; mirror-up lock provided.

Exposure Preview:

Provided, as the tri-functions self timer lever.

Exposure Compensation Dial:

Up to + 2 EV automatic exposure compensation in automatic mode by dial control; dial indexed at 1/4X, 1/2X, 1X, 2X and 4X, with click stops at 1/3 EV positions; red flag appears in viewfinder to indicate dial is off "1X" normal exposure position; dial lock provided at "1X" with push-button release.


Electro-mechanical horizontally-run titanium focal plane shutter; manual speeds mechanically controlled from 1/2000 second to "X"
(1/75 second) and electronically controlled from 1/60 second to 4 seconds; mechanical speeds and "B" operational without batteries;
automatic exposures electronically controlled in stepless range from 1/2000 second down to 125 seconds; shutter lock provided; shut-
ter dial locks at "AUTOMATIC" with push-button release; built-in curtain blind for use with Watch Data LX.

Mechanical Shutter Release:

from 1/2000 second to "X" (1/75 second)

Film Speed Scale:

ISO 6 to 3200.

Shutter Dial:

17 settings (A), (B) and (X), from 4 sec to 1/2000 sec.

Shutter Button:

Light touch to activate the meter on, meter will turn off after 25 sec.

Flash Control:

TTL measurement of ambient and electronic flash lighting directly off film plane with "T"- and "C"-type Pentax flash models providing auto flash sync at "X" and visible flash-ready and exposure check in viewfinder when flash reaches full charge; automatic flash sync and visible viewfinder flash-ready light with other Pentax dedicated flash models.


Multifunction lever provides a manually activated self-timer with 4 to 12 second delay, depth-of-field preview and mirror-lock capability.

Stop down


Power Source:

Two 1.5V alkaline or silver-oxide batteries power all electronic systems in both automatic and manual modes; LED flickers in viewfinder to indicate low battery condition; mirror locks when batteries fail.

Battery Check:

LED flickers in viewfinder to indicate low battery condition


Provided. Film Rewind Button doubles as multiple exposure button to disengage film advance mechanism


"FP" terminal and "X" terminal, plus contacts for TTL integrated automatic flash control at camera front; FA-1 Standard Finder features built-in "X"-sync hotshoe with TTL contacts.

Camera back:

Standard camera back with spring catch, built-in film memo holder. Back is fully interchangeable with Dial Data LX, Watch Data L, and Bulk Film Magazine LX.

Film Loading/

Pentax Magic Needle Loading System. Single-stroke, rapid wind lever with 120° throw and 25° standoff angle; built-in shutter cocked indicator. Accepts Winder LX and Motor Drive LX for automatic film advance and automatic rewind capability.


Single stroke 120 degrees or multiple short strokes to cock the shutter. At 25 degrees stand off position.


Additive two-way exposure counter moves from loading indicator to "38" with color-coded indexes at "0", "20", "24" and "36" operates in reverse to indicate precise film location for rewind or tracking of multiple exposures.


Film Rewind Button doubles as multiple exposure button to disengage film advance mechanism. Automatic rewind with Winder LX and Motor Drive LX.


144.5mm x 90.5mm x 50.0mm (5.7" x 3.6" x 1.9") with Standard FA-1 Finder attached.


565g (19.9 oz.) with Standard FA-1 Finder

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