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8.5" x 18.5" (812 x 1332 pixel)
box3mdm.jpg box1sml.jpg

back.jpg back2.jpg base.jpg Topright.jpg
Front.jpg Mirror.jpg Packing.jpg frontlens.jpg
lensside.jpg 50mmf1.2,jpg Shuttering.jpg Lensside.jpg
Accessories.jpg Setup.jpg Serial No.jpg Hotshoe.jpg
Right.jpg Left.jpg Topview.jpg Sideview.jpg


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Specifically for Dispose or Looking for Pentax Photographic equipment

Pentax LX Limited Edition Y2K set
(Also see some information on various
Pentax LX variations); Compared Pentax LX Millennium Edition Model with Nikon F5A for some similarities; All images contained herein copyright © 2001. MCLau & leofoo ® MIR Web Development Team.

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All works courtesy of Mr.
Jim, lensinc. Ltd. Thank him, as these are not my effort.

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