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There have three known variations of the original Pentax LX. A Pentax LX Titanium version, a Limited Edition Gold plated LX and a recently available Pentax Millennium Y2k Edition of 2000 units. There was a very kind Korean photographer who doesn't want his identity to be known mailed me two of the pictures of the LX Titan and a picture of the Gold plated LX. But unfortunately no further information was provided along with the mail which was written in a short Korean Language.

Pentax LX Titan.jpg
I was informed at the Pentax LX Message Board that was a Titanium version and I was pretty excited about it. I have checked around many retailers over the net for its availability and didn't manage to acquire any sales information. It should be a great collector piece for enthusiasts (like me....).

Well, IF you have any information, please contact me - whether it of contributing resources to beef up content in this Pentax LX site or just for possible sales discussion. I'd really don't mind to get one for personal collection.

Another interesting version was the Gold Plated and Lizard-skinned Limited Edition Pentax LX. It has great similarities with the Nikon FA Gold which was introduced back in 1984. The Pentax LX Gold LE came with a matching 55mm f/1.2 standard lens which is even skinned at its focusing ring and gold plated lens mounting ring !

Pentax LX Gold.jpg  
Comparatively, I have less interest in the Gold plated version. Probably its luxurious outfit and physical appearance make it less appealing for practical field use. However, every product must have their purpose or intended target audiences, that may not suit me too fittingly for my personal requirement but it may well fit many other's need. Well, like many other classic camera which has been designed and dressed with precious metal cosmetic, these bodies are certainly a very attractive package for investor and collector.
Pentax LX GOLD LImited Edition LINK Pentax LX GOLD LImited Edition LINK
UPDATE: Pentax LX GOLD LIMITED EDITION w/ 50mm f/1.2 Gold Standard lens contrinuted by Mr. Michael S. Ready, USA.


Pentax 50mm f1.2 LE.jpg
The Pentax LX Millennium 2000 Y2k.logo comes with a companion beautiful and solidly made standard lens of 50mm f/1.2 in a limited production basis. Frankly, I was a little disappointed not seeing the setup for not considering bundling the innovative FB-1 Viewfinder system. The LX Millennium has a standard eyelevel finder FA-1 as standard.

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