1st foot print on the moon.

"One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."
-Neil Armstrong-

When I was a small boy, I still remember quite clearly, one of the evening, few of my buddies from the neighbourhood lured me to our normal favourite spot - a sundry shop, the one and only place within the little community that owned a black & white television set ! Where generally, we had our evening entertainment with TV series like "Ultraman" etc..(and here would love to take an oppoutunity thanking the lady who was so generous to let the TV displayed outside her shop, I had lots of good moment there during my childhood...).

Where that evening was a little special, it was un-usually packed. I was wondering what has happened, we have to screzzed our way in to the front and managed to take a glimpse and saw the exact moment where a heavily space-suited man stepping down slowly from a strange looking vehicle to ground, men and children started clapping hands....so do I, even without knowing what was so great about it on the jagged, occasionally disrubted TV screen. Later, I was brief and realised that was a historical moment I witnessed (Could be recording, it can't be "lived telecast" in the late '60, ha!...).

For the rest of the few decades. I saw lots of pictures in magazines, advertisement etc. relating to those pictures, including the one at the top. I took up photography when I came, and managed to find a footing in Kuala Lumpur. Occationally, these pictures brought me back to the old days.

Thus, during a recent visit to Shriro Malaysia, the local distributor for Hassleblad and Nikon, I saw a folder containing a old press release from Hasselblad with some pictures within. And asked Miss Rizza, the manager for optical product division for a permission to use those materials for "public consumption" in my site, she said "Fine !, provided...." - So, credit here is given .

2nd reason is being, all these informations were impossible for me to write a seperate articles. No one knows what and how the scenes were at the development stage and how it has begun, IF you believe what I said, then I am fooling you. And I am in no capacity to have the right to alter what was hapenning that time. Thus, a reproduction a the original press release is the most appropriate way..

Nevertheless, credit must be given to Shiro Malaysia to let those of us who has a time lapse to share these useful information, based on the merit of educational purposes.

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