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Nikkor 58mm Noct f1.2 

Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2

This lens can't claimed to be the fastest lens that Nikon ever produced (Nikon did produced a f1.0 lens, sorry..no picture, mail me if you have). But f1.2 is still the current fastest within the modern Nikkor lens family.

Nikkor 50mm f1.0 The fastest among the Nikkor, 50mm f1.0 (for the S series and a hot collectible item)

With a picture coverage of 40° 50'. The maximum aperture allows hand held shooting in dimmer light condition, it also offers a bright, easy to focus finder image. But this is not the main purpose of getting a special lens like this Noct Nikkor - if this is your priority, you can go for the normal version of the 50mm f1.2. But if price is not the issue and you want a top of the line performance lens for your specific use on certain photographic assignments, this is the lens !

Why ? Because this lens has a Aspherical front lens element which assures optimum correction for coma, particularly at maximum aperture, it makes bright point sources of light near the corner or edges of the image appear as dot rather than comet-shape blurs. Meaning to say, this lens is make to perform its best at maximum apertures, which other lenses find it hard to restore their optical performances. Over the years, the continual refinements has made it possible to focus down as close as 0.5m (1.7 ft) distortion free while contrast remains high.

The purpose of reducing both coma and flare as this lens is primarily intended to be used for high-quality photography under conditions of dim illumination.

The interior of the lens was further matte finished on all metal surfaces to counter internal reflections. Icing on the cake, though the focal length is 58mm, it still takes the standard 52mm filters, since the lens is primarily designed for shooting at wider apertures, the lens minimum aperture is only confined to f16.

50mm f1.2


The normal version of the Nikkor 50mm f1.2

One of the original older version of the 50mm f1.2

Optical 50mmf 1.2

optical 58mm f1.2 noct

The optical construction of the 50mm f.1.2, angle of view is 46°, 380g in weight.

The 58mm f1.2 Noct, with its 7 elements in 6 groups optical construction and weighing 465g

I don't suggest anyone to rush out to the shop to book a unit for yourself. Because this lens is here only for its special usage in some specific works like, dim light photography while maximum image quality is essential.

If you are attracted by its aspherical lens element factor, there will be more lenses of this type to come. The new and economical AF-Nikkor zoom 28-70 f3.5/4.5D is the first zoom from Nikon to use aspherical lens element in its design (28mm f1.4 is another..), you will be rest assured there wll be many more to roll out from Nikon (Not actually to benefit you, because with a piece or two aspherical elements in a zoom can drastically reduced the number of lens elements within, so as to control the cost of production, and Nikon optical engineers has found out a cheaper production process to manufacture them, which previously, a aspherical lens element is very time consuming and tedious to produce to exacting standard).

58mm NoctI hope that is good news.
Thus, my suggestion (on the interest of every users)..
wait !

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