Church-liked Buddhist Temple in Yangon, Myanmar

Just when you thought all Burmese temples are looked alike in their design, No. Ideally, I should make another trip to Pagan, the rich historical Buddhist city that locates midway between Mandalay and Yangon. But due to business obligation, I had to stay back at the capital city until the scheduled date back to Kuala Lumpur. Most of the pictures/photos shown thus far were essentially taken at late afternoon because that was the time when I was free to move around. Here is a temple that locates the same road that leads to the Shwedagon Pagoda which is probably few thousand yards away (so, three temples actually at the same road, along with an army camp which prohibits anyone walks on the other side of the road after 7~8 p.m.). The temple is SILVERED - at least the shinny external materials exhibits the overall appearance that it looks like a silvered temple. Another feature that might grab your attention is, It looks MORE LIKE A CONVENTIONAL CHURCH than a Buddhist temple !

Internal view of the church-liked Buddhist Temple
Any extreme thought would think this could be Church converted temple but NO ! Religious freedom is quite apparent in Myanmar, because some of the best maintained building structures in Yangon are the Churches and there are not short in numbers. Similarly, Islamic Mosques are there too. So, instead of making any guesswork, perhaps some of you may able to furnish me with additional info. I had tried to locate some people to find an answer but no one can help. The devotees are mainly the locals. Anyway, but I would rather think the uncharacteristic design of this temple casts an British influence from the Catholic Church.

Internally, the main centered Buddha image can help to to distinguish easily the differences between a Thai & Burmese Temple. Most Load Buddha image in Thailand are usually adopts a
clean, clear & mainly gold-finished. The Burmese styles emphasis is on its artful form, decorative and expression. <<< --- 148k Jpeg File.

Although the Sewdagon & Sule Pagoda can be the represatative Buddhist Spots in Yangon, but there are other less known temples in the city that may present other areas of interest and/or historical background in their respective dvelopment progress. The Botahtaung Pagoda - The word "Botahtaung" stands for "a a 1000 military leaders" where ('bo' means "soldiers" and 'tahtaung' stands for "thousand"). The Botahtaung Pagoda was named after Burma sent their 1,000 military soldiers who escorted relics of Buddha from birth place of Lord Budda in India 2,000 + years ago to Burma. The 40 mteres high Botahtaung is more like a musium now, showing many interesting artifacts and glass-concealed cases of many ancient materials (relics or others) which were said to be sealed inside the earlier pagoda. The 34 metres tall Kabar Aye Pagoda is next, it was also referred as the "World Peace Pagoda", built in 1952 for the Sixth Buddhist Synod in 1954-1956. But it was located quite far away from the heart of the city (approx. 10 km) which actually near the Inya Lake Hotel, where I stayed twice during the trip.

There are some that I missed but I have tried to compile them as your visit references (if one day you are interested in making a tour in Yangon one day).

The Chauk Htat Kyee Buddha has one of the largest, if not in Asia, reclining Buddha image in Myanmar. It is just locating next to the Shwedagon Pagoda. The original image was probably built in early 1900' & went through a round of reconstruction in 1966. Big images of Buddha are not short in numbers in temples around Yangon, similar images of same nature can be found at Ngar Htat Kyee Buddha or the 110 feet (approx. 34 metres) Koe Htat Kyee Buddha but of less height. The latter was built in the '50 to commemorate the Sixth Buddhist Council, other attractions are the Buddhist Art Museum which is also located at the same premises. Mai Lamu Pagoda (Miss or May Lamu Pagoda). Known for it's wonderland of spired pagodas and sculptured figures located in a sub-urban town may take 1/5 an hour taxi ride at, North Okkalapa. The temple is famous for the giant images depicting Buddha's earlier lives. Mahavijaya Pagoda It's a symbolic memorial of the First Successful Congregation of the Sanghas of All Orders held in 1980. This elegant Mahavijaya Pagoda is a unique blend of traditional patterns and modern. The sanctuary contains the finely wrought Buddha images and the reliquary donated by the King of Nepal. Information Reference: Burma Net for tour

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