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A showcase of Photos & Pictures by MIR's Photographers on The Kuala Lumpur City Centre (more popularly known as "KLCC" by locals) as well as Suria-KLCC Shopping Mall - This entire area is also where the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers locates - This ultra-modern, Mega-Structure was once, the world's tallest building/man-made structure.(as at 2003). The KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers and the completed surrounding projects are also easily one of the main attractions for foreign tourists visiting Malaysia.

MIR (Malaysian Internet Resources) is widely regarded as one of the most respectable web developing Company in this region. Due to our job functions, we have created an internal image library for all our web designers to have readily available images for their creative web assignments. Undeniably, at times, clever use of images on relative topic often help to enhance quality presentations in any home page. Recently, out of curiosity, I did a quick web search via some popular search engines on "Pictures / Photos of KLCC", the search results were largely disappointing on qualitative aspect. While I click opened our own internal image Library, "presentable" photos & pictures on KLCC was not short in quantity. Where I thought as least, we can contribute by showcasing some of our own works via the web medium for all to share - regardless they can be used as references on public travel information guide, personal correspondence and/or promoting our country's heritage on our distinctive architectural design. Partly, the idea was inspired from our recent promotional Photo Showcase on Perdana Leadership Foundation (Yayasan Perpimpinan Perdana) - MIR's latest successfully accomplished web revamp assignment (08.2005). Whatever objectives it can serve, at least I hope all these images can help to patch the disappointing web results yield on this remarkable landmark that locates in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur Skyline View.jpg
Except for guest artists' works to this KLCC/Suria/Peronas Twin Towers photo showcase; virtually all photos/images presented in this section were taken while/whenever I have to right "feel" to take pictures on a particular day and subject to availability of a camera in my hand. But admittedly, I have a real bad habit of often misplaced original negatives/slides, For an instance, this similar perspective skyline view of Kuala Lumpur ("KL") was actually taken by risking a little in accessing to the roof top via "informal" way at Institute Jantung Negara ("IJN" ) where I had a "brief" spell of stay back in the politically all-tensed year of 1998. I don't seem be able to trace the original except for this scaled Jpeg file, @$##^!&!*!! #**%. I tend to be more careful lately after realizing commercial viability in the establishment on: - another MIR's original conceptual web project in offering a workable channel for local photographers to explore commercial potential in their respective creative visual works.

Oh.. have I told you our office is merely 500 yards away from KLCC / Suria-KLCC/ Twin Towers ?

So, call it patriotic, sentimental or just a sense of guilt-attack, as a responsible web design Company, at times, we do have social role to lend our hands on to patch some flaws in information gathering on the Network. Note: for those who have specific interest on the structure itself and/or information relating to building management, I would suggest you to log on directly to
KLCC's own website instead. Errr.... don't ask us why their site(s) was not handled by us (reasons being, KLCC do has their own respectful internal designing team to handle own web requirements). Further, such kind of question will also cast unnecessary pressure to our sales team members on their numerous failed attempts to establish any business contacts for possible outsoucing contracts with KLCC Group of Companies. Never mind, this is just an off-topic info, although it is not a particular nice feeling in realizing you have a rich neighbor but yet couldn't offer my specilaities but we takes it well as part of business life.

Frankly, I would not like to associate this showcase of this pictures & photos of KLCC / Petronas Twin Towers with MIR to avoid inviting undesirable responses and/or affecting the high quality content writing standard set by our MIR content team. Obviously, creative writing has never being my strength all this while, So, I would rather treat this section of the site as a personal effort rather than a MIR team's work as a mark of respect for all my fellow colleagues

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For most of us, we don't simple set a day of time to take pictures on a specific subject matter, especially on a common publac place/location. These pictures are generally casual work of shots (at least, that applies to me). Although I am seasoned enough to digest wrong doing on a common public network such as the Internet, but it is advisable to cultivate some good culture in respecting visual property of the others and, in the case - may involve works of contributing/guest photographers who may choose to participate in this KLCC showcase.

Terms of Use:- Depends on individual expectation or usage, photos contained herein may not be regarded as great pictures to some but they are personal visual collection compiled over years on this specific subject. IF you want to use any of the images contained herein for personal use, educational purposes and/or promotional works for our country; by all means USE THEM (but for the latter application...convince me FIRST with a truthful intention) ! NOTE:- with the EXCEPTION of some contributing photos by individual(s) where ownership of visual has been highlighted beside each picture(s), you are encouraged to contact the photographer(s) directly. The site host will not be held responsible or dragged into any legal dispute that might arise from any such possible private transaction between buyers and copyrighted owner of the respective visual works. A link to is always encouraged as they are the rightful property owner of this magnificent structure. But, If you intend to use and/or attempt to alter original form on any of the images published herein this site for commercial applications such as editorial, commercial web/multimedia or advertising usage, just mail my editors at or to clarify detailed terms of usage (there are plenty other higher resolution images not published for private viewing). All or part of the said fees from such possible sale collected will be donated to my personal Khatulistiwa@Malaysia Project.

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