Part Two - A selection of Pictures & Photos
around KLCC (The Kuala Lumpur City Center) & Petronas Twin Towers

by MIR Photographers

1998. Many areas around he nucleus of KLCC development was still prohibited public for entry.

2002.Matured landscaping by the Brazilian master designer supplement the entire project very well.

(189k Jpeg)

2000. The KLCC, Petronas Twin Towers under a Fisheye lense

2005. an evening in the middle of the road of Jalan Ampang

(218k Jpeg)

Twin Towers Evening light

KLCC in Hazew, 2005

2005. The haze assault from nearby Indonesian forest mystified the entire Kuala Lumpur City Center/Petronas Twin Towers. (238k Jpeg)

KLCC-mirrorMDM.jpg Petronas_twin_towers_mdm.jpg KLCC-fountainAmdm.jpg




2004. The Avenue-K, after 6 years laid-off during the 1998 Asian Financial Crises, finally was completed. (203k Jpeg)

2001. Probably the most photographed spot /picture angle of Petronas Twin Towers with the Sky bridge at 40th floor suspending in between. (189k Jpeg)

2003. The public park of KLCC has even provided a pool for children to fun around. (218k Jpeg)

culturalpalaceMDM.jpg klccmosqueMdm.jpg menaramaxisMdm.jpg entrance_TwintowersKLCCmdm.jpg KLCCnightviewMdm.JPG KLCC in haze







Lake reflection of KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers as well as the National Theater from Titiwangsa Garden.

Asy-Syakirin Mosque (Surau)

The Menara Maxis next to KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers

Artful sculpture at the entrance of Petronas Tower Two (200k Jpeg)

KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers in the evening light (180k Jpeg)

Hazy view of Petronas Twin Towers from inside my car, 2005 (198k Jpeg)

2004. The many unique tress and plants of the KLCC park served well in providing a good greenery to the modern structure of KLCC (238k Jpeg)

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