flwimage.jpgPhra Nang Phaya To begin with - Nang Phaya was my first tablet where I have mentioned earlier at the index page. The original was encased in steel and I changed it into a gold casing 15 years ago. I remembered when I attempted to open it for the gold frame, I found it has a separate script written in a yellow cloth. I cannot verified if it was still inside as I asked my mentor to refurnish in Bangkok and change the exterior chrome casing. Well, actually, according to my Thai lady friend, she was given three of such pendants in a ceremony by an old chief monk from a temple near the Thai/Burmese border when she and her husband denoted a huge Buddha Image at the main reception hall in a refurbished project for a small, old temple there. According to her, she said one unit was given to my late boss who passed on to his son in US while the next was given to a bloody rich old man friend of mine whom I have checked with him in Australia but he is not sure whereabout now). Anyway, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my Thai lady friend, Mdm Wannee for giving me this image that time, at least, I can seek for intangible guidance when I am weak in my will to do something or when I am low in spirit.

Nang Phraya Wat Tarmakprang, Pishantulok. Enlarged View(s): Front Section (193k) | Rear Section (126k) Rear section: concealed. Copyright-free image collection. leofoo® 2004

Whatever it is, probably due to Phra Nang Phaya being my first religious tablet that I have since developed a special personal preference with amulets that contain this image. Actually, I have a few of them in my possession now. I may not be good enough to distinguish the differences or identify their respective origin but if any veteran collectors can help to shed some light over the respective sources, it will be deeply appreciated as It will help me to better understand as to what I have been possessed for so long... Thank you.

nanphyaEstherfrontAsml.jpg nanphyamumAsml.JPG nanphyraChengfrontsml.jpg
Here are the rest of collection of Phra Nang Phaya images that I am having. One is being used by my daughter (an image form that looks like Nang Jitlada) while the next two units are being used by my immediate family members. Please note, the two popular ways of sitting of Lord Buddha can be either has booth hands cross or one hand rest at his knee. The far right image has an unusual design with the top flat out - something similar to another popular Thai image, Pongsuphan.

Enlarged View(s):
(A) i)
Front Section (with some info)
(B) i)
Front Section (92k); ii) Rear Section (90k)
(C) i)
Front Section (103k); ii) Rear Section (116k)

Copyright-free image collection. leofoo® 2004

NOTE: In this Buddhist-majority Kingdom, the majority of Thai public would position Nang Phaya as 3rd ranking among the FIVE most popular great votive group of images (by sequence, there are: Somdej Watrakang, Soomkor, Nang Phaya, Pongsuphan, Phra Rod). Each has its specific functions, place of origin and a rich local history behind their development. Despite its unanimous acceptance as the most popular image, SOMDEJ is the youngest in its origin (only approx. 150 years of history), SOOMKOR has approx. 500 years old history, NANG PHAYA, which originated from the Pitsanulok province from the Northern Thailand, also has approx. four centuries history behind its development whereas PONGSUPHAN images from Suphanburi province also has similar age as the Nang Phaya while the most distant history in the development among all the five popular amulets is PHRA ROD - which one can trace its existence back to approx. 880-1000 years ago.

At one time, Ayuthaya was the ancient capital city of Kingdom of Thailand before it was moved to current Bangkok Metropolitan City approx. 200+ years ago. The period of Ayuthaya (250-300 years ago) was the darkest period as the Thai fought fiercely with Burmese for border control and many legendary war heroes and Guru monks have surfaced during this period. When the Kingdom shifted the capital city to Bangkok a few hundred years ago, many famous Buddhist icons (monks) also shifted down south to Bangkok.

<< --- An INTERIOR VIEW of the main hall on one of the most famous Thai Temple in Thailand - the birth place of the popular Soomdej Warakang Images.

Copyright-free image collection. leofoo® 2004

Brief information that I can gather on this image: Phra Nang Phaya is often favoured by Thai women. It is an earth-based amulet or sometimes made from wood with the mixture of herbs and sand. Popular colours are red-clay, yellowish and some are in green or like the one shown above, in black. Except some that were carved from wood and also depend on their respective origins, usually the earth-based versions are separated into coursy-sand or fine-grained types.



Pngsuphan Nakae Pngsuphan Nakae Pongsuphan

Pongsuphan Pim Nargae
Mongkolwan. G

A typical classic form pf Pongsuphan has a thumb print at the rear section as identity of the creator. But it is not always a standard way to disgard the image if it hasn't.

A pricey aged Pongsuphan NArgae(Old faced)
Front Section (106k) | Rear View (101k)

Some "high end" images of Nang Phaya and Pongsuphan, courtesy of some new guru friends that I met during a recent trip to Chiangmai, Thailand. Each of of these with age of few hundred years old amulets can command as high as RM50,000 (500,000 baht) per piece! I noticed most of the higher prized items from Northen Thailand are mostly made of red-clay or wood type. Credit: Mr. Weerapong Srivichai from Chiangmai News Co. Ltd. & his Friends.

WRPuncleNPYFrntMdm.jpg WRPuncle2NpyafrntMdm.jpg hongnangBfrntMdm.jpg hongnangBRearMdm.jpg
Phra Nang Sanejun has a very similar from with Nang praya, but it is bigger and THIICKER.

A good external web page that show various forms of images of Phra Nang Praya: Pim Yai Khow Kong, Khow Trong | Ok Noon | Sangkhati | Thong Dhevada | Ok Noon Lek

During a recent trip to Pattaya, a monk at the temple was pretty interested in my amulet of the Nang Phaya; he showed me his own collection and a friend of mine who accompanied me was given this image which I was told was more than a hundred years old as a gift. Enlarged View(s) for the version shown at the left hand side: Front Section (85k); ii) Rear Section (118k);

New upload:- A very good friend of mine, Datin Pratinya who runs a very successful Thailand Tour Company in Kuala Lumpur shown me her private collection of a Nang Praya (as well as a WAT PAK NAM (93k)) and I took a picture of it for some of the Nang Praya fans to share (Far Left). The rear was fully concealed. On the other hand, Uncle Lim at Pudu Plaza called me and ask if I am interested in a goodie - as shown, I took it as probably you can understand why (try to click for an explosive views).

Nang Praya by Datin Pratinya Nang Praya leofoo Nang Praya leofoo Rear Section Phongsuphan Leofoo private
The last piece is mine too. I don't know why recently I have developed a love for oldies like these. But high quality Nang Praya and Pongsuphan are very difficult to get. Well, not too many people favour these image forms and probably with a stroke of luck and persistancy - you may end up with one in your collection.

Katta for Pongsuphan (link to Purt Site).

Below are a few collectibles owned by by Thai Mentor, Mr. Wichian Pracheratmurni: I quite like the first one with the clay-struture which by itself has a superb crafting in aan art form, it was believed to have been from the province of Ayuthaya (the images below was mistakenly set with a lower resolution in the Digital Camera, so the enlarged view is less than desirable in term of image size presentation). NOTE: Please note some of the images are in combination of Nang Praya as well as Pongsuphan - BOTH resemble very much in form EXCEPT a traditional way to distinguishing the two images are via the top portion where Pongsuphan has its edge flat out and its ear formation is longer instead of a triangular shape used in Nang Phaya, anyway, BOTH images are among the widely recognized five-great images of Thai Amulets.



Phra Nang Phaya by tranlehung@yahoo.com

Phra Nang Phaya rear view by tranlehung@yahoo.com



Front Section
Uncle Wichien®

Rear Section
Uncle Wichien®

Front Section

Rear Section

Front Section (68k)
Miss Nicole Hu

Front section
Jeraphan (TUT)®






Nang Phraya Sanae Chan, Mongkowan

Front | Rear
Uncle Wichien®

Front | Rear
Uncle Wichien®

Larger View Not Available
Uncle Wichien®

| Front View | Rear View
courtesy of
Uncle Lim

Front Section
Jeraphan (TUT)®

Nang Phraya Sanae Chan,
Ms Mongkowan


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