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flwimage2.jpgRoop Lor (cast mini-statue) Luang Phor Ngern Another votive tablet that my mentor gave is a mini-statue. The shown unit on the left was painted in gold and another in original matte-chrome finish. Previously, he used a pair with another old Buddha to prepare his hour-long chanting before using the flower to "bath" my body. I was told that Thai businessmen love to have one of these for personal use. Actually, my partner has been looking for one of these for a long time and eventually, my mentor managed to get one unit for him when he heard his friend has a unit for sale.
I was told by my mentor that the LP Ngern I was using now is from WAT Bang Klaan, Changwat Pichit, Central Thailand. Enlarged View(s): Front Section (93k); Rear Section(61k). Copyright-free image collection. leofoo® 2004. Basically, from what I understand Luang Phor Negrn has a few styles, the one second row at the bottom). a variation from the popular style (shown above) is called Katta version (very hard to differentiate at the front, but a tiny mark at the end of the second foot for the popular style version). Newer batches may has a script at the back (see image at bottom of this page).Perhaps some of you can feed us with more methods in verification.




The Early Versions ... The recent trip to Chiangmai was an eye-opener as with the help of Mr. Weerapong Suvichai, the columnist who writes weekly for Chiangmai News Ltd. and Nation Channel TV Network introduced me to his uncle who is an active member at Chiangmai Hobbyist amulet Market for Amulets Collecting club. He has two early versions of the LP Ngern images - I would like to remind these are very expensive pieces, I was quoted the very well preserved piece such as the one shown at the far right can easily command a hefty RM70,000-00 a piece. No joke ...The well worn image at the far right is of similar piece without except it comes without the top portion. Cool ....

An early batch of LP Ngern Image
Front Section (96k) | Rear View (93k)

ENLARGED VIEW (114k) of the
cased unit (far right)

Credit: Mr. Weerapong Srivichai from Chiangmai News Co. Ltd. & his Friends.

LP Ngern
Front Section (118k)

LP Negrn Larger pendant frontview LP Negrn Larger pendant Rearview

LP Negrn pin-size  pendant front view

LP Negrn Larger pendant Rearview

Size comparison

Front View (123k) | Rear View (118k) My newly acquired piece at a bargain...

Front (63k) | Rear (61k)
A pin-sized LPN provided by Mr. Gark who trades amulets at Pudu Plaza

Size comparison of version fourth of wat Pak Nam triangular style with a typical Soomdej image and two versions of a LP Negrn. My recently acquired version is the left is significantly larger than the image at far right.

NOTE: Lately, I managed to find a website via Google which was prepared by Mr. Lek Watruak from Bangkok which has some superb information relating to this image form. LP Ngern can be regarded as the most sought-after mini-statue as people commonly believe the old monk, who was the Abbot of Wat Bang Klaan, Pichit Province, provided supernatural power for businesses. However, this is also one of the most counterfeited image by irresponsible merchants.







As compare to the early pricey pieces, these have a more realistically price tags even though early version of these mini statues have a different form from those of very early versions. However, as many Thai public are quite convinced that the LP Ngern is closely associated with given wealth and prosperity to the owner, some of the earlier versions are getting pricey too. The images above and the few shown below are versions that have been introduced at different stages and naturally, they have a different calling prices for each of these versions too.

LPNergnGoldFrntMdm.jpg LPNergnGoldRearMdm.jpg LPNergnGoldFrntMdm.jpg LPNergnGoldRearMdm.jpg

My ChiangMai Friend who pursuaded me to get this LP Ngern 2515 "limited edition" unit in a solid 24k outfit where I was told only 9 units have been produced...This was in my possession now hehe .... Picture shown at far left is an old Luang Phor Ngern owned by Uncle Wichian for his chanting along with this oldie piece..

uncleDUALLPnernfrontMdm.jpg uncleDUALLPnernRearMdm.jpg


Two newer versions which have LP Ngern's name printed on the rear sections. Enlarged View(s): Front Section (53k); Rear Section(53k).

LUang Phor Ngern front

LUang Phor Ngern Rear
The far left image (A) of the LP Ngern was the version that my mentor has managed to source one unit for my partner - it was a very well preserved image with great facial expression. The one at far left was exchanged with the one given to me long ago as I thought he should has a unit fully waterproof as during chanting he has to put a LP Ngern along with his chanting tool inside the container. The far right image was acquired via Weerapong during the Chiangmai trip. Enlarged View(s): (A) Front Section (109k); Rear Section(89k). (far Left) Front Section (103k); Rear Section(113k). (far Right) Front Section (98k); Rear Section(86k) and a Base View (68k). Copyright-free image collection. leofoo® 2004

<<<-- A pretty high quality Luang Phor Ngern image acquired by Mr. HO FOO SANG for his friend, paid around RM4,000-00. But the friend never honoured to take the image from him. Sad state.. The image was taken at night, not very favourable lighting to show its details.
triLPnernfrontMdm.jpg triLPnernRearmdm.jpg

HELP: One of the most disturbing element in collecting Amulets is whether you have bought a fake item. A recent trip to Bangkok, a friend of mine bought a LP Ngern from a gold smith shop which made me felt very uncomfortable. You can click on each of the images to see an ENLARGED VIEWS to determine whether if the new purchase is a genuine image or a fake one. Anyway, as I said earlier, I am not an expert but the image came with such a cheap price that actually made me feel a little uneasy over its origin. Update: Mr Malcolm Lee provides some clues at the Message Board Section..

Between the mind and the heart: HOW MUCH are you willing to put up a price for one of those aged mini statues ? ....

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