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Khun Paen was my second votive tablet after the Nang Phaya. Similarly, it was also given to me by my long time Thai friend (actually, it was his - where it was 15 years ago, I had some "diplomatic" business problems and when he got to know about it and take down from his wearing to ask me to start wearing it, strangely, that issue was resolved peacefully). Since then, I started using it daily as one of the three companion amulets.
hongkunpaenfrontMdm.jpg hongkunpaenRearMdm.jpg
The version I have is a little odd from "classic" shapes of traditional Khun Paen image. Enlarged View(s): Front section (83k).; Rear section (71k).Copyright-free image collection. leofoo® 2004 <<<--- Errr..

The rear view of the Khun Paen image I am using for the last 15 years, sounds something like: "Krut Thong Seh-Tie, Chang Wat, Kamphaeng Phet"
unclekhunpaenFrontmdm.jpg unclekhunpaenrearmdm.jpg
Khun Paen was a respectful Thai legendary warrior who fenced-off invading Burmese a few hundred years ago near Kanchanaburi Province. The word, "Khun" when translated, was actually a military rank of a "general" in Thailand (and thus "Paen" was the name). The legend says he was raised and taught by Guru Monk, Acharn Kong on magical studies which in turn had helped him won many battles against the aggression of Burmese during those days. Many secondary Thai imageries such as "Guman Thong" - the ritual babe ghost was actually referring to his son who was killed and transformed by Paen into a half human-ghost to help him in his battles.

Credit: The two superb views of an aged Khun Paen (Pronounced as "Grut Throng Seh Ti, Kamphaeng Phet") from WAT Bangkrang, Supahnburi, courtesy of Mr. Wichian Pracheratmurni®, Thailand. ENLARGED VIEWS: Front Section (103k) | Rear Section (113k).

UPDATE:- This image was given to a good friend of mine, Mr. REN YUJIE in China as a personal gift. Hopefully this can spread some seed of love of Lord Buddha to China Mainland where many Chinese still have reservation over this kind of "Application". He had a shock recently visiting Thailand with me, an amulet trader attached to the hilltop temple in Pattaya told him this rare piece in a different form would easily fetch 700,000 bahts with interested party. Errrr... I know this is typically how Thai rates amulet in pricing, don't let these exotic figures shocks you because it defies the basic principle why we acquire amulet for personal belief.
But most of all, other than protective purpose and a mysterious ability in improving human relationship, this all-time men's favorite imageries originated from the general beliefs that Khun Paen has a mysterious "power" to attract women (much due to historical legend that he had plenty of beautiful women in his life). Probably this was also one of the main reasons you can find so many of this Imageries in my site, hehe ...oldman syndrome, you can call this.

khunpaenfooMDM.jpg khunpaenpaulfrontSml.jpg khunpaenpaulrearSml.jpg khunpaengCheeWaisml.jpg kunpiangAlvinAfrontsml.JPG kunpiangAlvinArearsml.JPG eewynKhunpaenFrntSML.jpg eewynKhunpaenRearSml.jpg
Large view (93k)
Medium (26k)
Large view (65k)
Medium (25k)
Large view (84k)
Medium (21k)
Large view (108k)
Medium (38kk)
Large view (93k)
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Large view (93k)
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Medium (35k)
Credit: My partners, Mr. Paul Lim and Mr. Legent Lim, Chee Wai, Alvin Foo, HuGo & Eewyn Foo for generously providing me their respective collections for me to take a few snap shots of their imageries. The Far left picture of the amulet is my personal collection. The pictures below are another versions contributed by Mr. Ho Fook Sang from Ipoh, Perak. Anyway, if anyone of you have any of the differing versions from these displayed here, you can send in yours to beef up the content of this site.

Please note that this men-favourite image can also be regarded as one of the most copied tablets on the market and many replicas have surfaced. I don't have the adequate knowledge to command and differentiate the originality of these either but it is advisable to refer to a few experienced Guru-collectors who can help you to authenticate them before committing any heavy financial investment. Some of the images of Khun Paen showcased below come with different origin and with different prices. The image provided by Col. Samay is a good example, it is one of the original version that has liquar-coated finishing. The center two well preserved images, although look very normal but they have been authenticated as old original images. The third from the left was similar to the one that I am using but it is the second version. The one by LP Tim from "Wat Rat Hanrai, Changwat Ratyong", Chun Buri has a Takrut behind, it comes with three versions in white, gold and black colour, the golden finish version was said to be the midrange (price-related) while the black version is the most expensive. Third from the right is an older version of the Khun Paen Ren Keow, "Wat Prarut", Supanburi, the one at the far right is also from the same source but it is not as old. The amulet at the center is named as "Khun Paen Ren Keow Phra Bhudhacharn(Toh) Promrangsi", sealed in "Krut Tad Khow", Changwat Sukhorthai, it was another rare piece - as quoted by some Thai guru collectors' magazines, some amulet Guru believed the famous Toh at Wat Rakang, Bangkok did produced some very limited number of Khun Paen images and this re-surfaced image is an extremely hard to source item - don't ask me how much does it cost... because it is probably meant for collectors.









Front (98k); Rear
Col. Samay Santara

Front (87k); Rear
Uncle Lim

Front (87k); Rear
Legent Lim

Front (74k); Rear
Eewyn Foo

Front (108k) Rear
WRK Ren Keow

Front (108k) | Rear
Ren Keow

Front (132k); Rear
LP Tim,

Front (106k); Rear
Ren Keow -sub Ver.

buddhaimage.jpg (163k Jpeg Larger view)...
<<<--- The installation of Images in my house. (163k) Jpeg Large View. Perhaps one of the most misled belief by followers of Khun Paen is, the image appears on any of this version of the amulet is NOT Khun Paen himself, but rather, it was the Lord Buddha.

Based on
Mr. Lek Watruak's website, he mentioned that "...there are 5 kinds of old antique amulets made in Ayuthaya period of between 300-500 years ago. The most well-known is of Wat Bankrang Temple, but the most expensive is of Wat Yai Chai Mongkol Temple..". And he suggested there are quite a number of temples (Wat, in Thai) have produced their own versions as well, among them, "good" ones are from Luang Phor Aant Wat Phra Yatigaram, LP Puak of Wat King Kaew, LP Their of Wat Palaelai, LP Kruen of Wat SangKho, LP Boi of Wat Manao, LP Taem of Wat PhraLoi, LP Daeng of Wat Thungkok, LP Thiam of Wat Kasattrathiraj, LP Rian of Wat NongBua, LP Kuay of Wat Kositaram, LP Tae KongThong of Wat SamNgam, LP Pae of Wat PikulThong, LP Chot of Wat Tano, LP Thoop of Wat Kae (Nang Lerng), LP Chaem of Wat Don Yai Hom, LP Dee of Wat Phra Roop, LP Juan of Wat Kaitia, etc. - All these may be used as your reference.



Raymond Goh A

Raymond Goh Contribution

Raymond Goh Contribution

Raymond Goh Contribution

images of Khun Paen

Khun Paen by LP Noi, Changwat Pigit
Front View (73k) | Rear View (75k)

Front (88k); Rear | other view(s) A B
Contributed by Mr.
Raymond Goh

Front (92k); Rear | other view(s) A B
Contributed by Mr.
Raymond Goh

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