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Phra SoomKor

Ranked second among the five great Thai Buddhist Imageries, but high quality/aged images of Phra Soomkor ("Soomkaw" can be quite difficult to come by. These two images at the left hand side are are very rare and pricey pieces - please don't bother of even ask the price... but they are lovely images on their own and they can easily be in every collector's dream list to own one of these. Soomkor images can come in either brown, reddish or even black colour, the two images shown are excellent representation pieces from these two groups of coloured SOOMKOR imageries.

Front Section (123k); Front Section (98k)

Credit: Mr. Weerapong Srivichai from Chiangmai News Co. Ltd. & his Friends.
Here is interesting comparison between another two differing types of Soomkor images - one from the Northern province and another - in a medallion pendant form that came from the Southern Thailand. Both vary in form, size and more importantly, the Buddha that used to form the SoomKor image. You can click to see respective Explosive views to see the variations between the two - however, I would not simply use this to act as a basis to claim there are differences in interpretation of how a Soomkor should look like from the two extreme end of the boundary line of the Kingdom. Anyway, a more universal classical image of a typical Soomkor just look like the two images presented above. If anyone of you have a "high quality" Soomkor image to share with us, please make use of the Message Board to relay your intention to contribute your effort to make this site more interesting. Thank you. An alternate way is, see if you know any of the co-maintainers of the Message Board personally, discuss and mail your image(s) to anyone of them.

My only Pra Soomkor Buddhist amulet  front view

My only Pra Soomkor Buddhist amulet  rear section view

Soomkor Lamphun

Soomkor Lamphun rear view

A rather rare white based  Phra Soomkor

A rather rare white based  Phra Soomkor rear view

The one and only Soomkor Image that I owned now. It is also a Soomkor from Kamphangphet.

Two very high quality Soomkor Images, possession of Mr K.Chai nickname "Archarn" (professor), retied and other than he conducts classes for public on amulets history; he has a very strange method of doing verification of Amulets via chanting. He likes my amulets, hehe ... These are his personal units, all are Kampang Soomkor ("Soomkaw"), Kamphangphet.



Kam Paeng, SoomKor: Front Section (98k) | Rear Section (96k) Credit: Mr. Weerapong Srivichai® from Chiangmai News Co. Ltd. & his Friends.

SoomKor Puterasamy, Wat Lem Sai, Songkhla, S. Thailand. Front Section (83k) | Rear Section (68k) Credit: Uncle Wichien®, Thailand.
soomkorputerasamifrntMdm.jpg soomkorputerasamiRearMdm.jpg
unclesoomkorfrontmdm.jpg     unclesoomkorRearMdm.jpg
Uncle Wichien has given me two amulets with Phra Soomkor thus far, and on both occasions, I gave them away to my elder brother when he has a heart problem as well as to another close friend of mine - both of whom I wish them to have a good image for personal use as well as for their businesses fortune. The image shown on the left is a collectible image given by my Thai mentor, Mr. Wichien, and it has a quite classic look and feel of a high quality Soomkor image. It looks more like a wood-based structure and probably has been kept for a long time because our old man also cannot remember which temple it was from, haha ...

Credit: Both images provided by Uncle Wichien®, Thailand. Enlarged Views: Front Section (50k); Rear Section (53k) Copyright-free image collection. leofoo® 2004




Soomkor Phra Krut, "Thong Seh Tee", Changwat Phet Chabun. This is the piece of the Soomkor that Uncle Wichien gave to my brother..
Front Section (148k) | Rear Section (122k) Credit: Uncle Wichien®, Thailand.
flwimage4.jpg flwimage4.jpg flwimage4.jpg flwimage4.jpg flwimage4.jpg flwimage4.jpg flwimage4.jpg

pakglingfront.jpg pakglingfoorear.jpg
iconpakring.gif   Phra Kring

As I am aging too, I have some heart problem (similarly, my Thai friend is also having a weak heart due to old age). This is the latest tablet he passed on to me when he got to know that I am not feeling that well. He explained that the Thai believes Phra Kring is the best tablet for health and "altering" a mis-fortune. Anyway, the original was in a plain form and I have asked him to encase it in a gold outfit. Actually, I have long asked him stop giving me anymore pendants as I have more than enough for my personal possession,

Enlarged View(s):
Front Section (83k); Rear Section(78k). Copyright-free image collection. leofoo® 2004

UPDATE:- Information on Wat Suthat Thepwararam Buddhist Temple Bangkok and the Phra Krings images the temple produced.







Credit: Three images of the Phra Kring showcased here courtesy of Mdm Wannee (MORE ....)

Front Section (90k) Rear Section (92k)

Front Section (90k) Rear Section (92k)

Front Section (90k) Rear Section (92k)

Frankly, during my last trip to Bangkok, when I heard there was a great demand for LP Ngern in that city, I offered to return the tablet that he gave me years ago to sell and exchange for some cash for him to use. Well, probably in the mind of a lifelong journal as an enthusiasts, he found my proposal very unacceptable. Below is another tablet which he gave me but I have told him I will buy that because it was intended to gave to an old Datuk friend of mine who had a stroke - probably with the combination of the votive tablet as well as the attentive care he received, he recovers considerably fast and manages to walk / drive freely again - my friend has never leave home without the image on his neck now, haha ..

kringunclefrontMdm.jpg kringuncleRearMdm.jpg kringbox.JPG
Phra Kring, Wat Suthat, Bangkok. Customed order set. I think Wichien was quite upset over an incident where he has ordered on behalf and the "buyer" didn't come and pick up this Kring. So, I would assume this custom order set is still available (you are free to call him, he can let go at cost). I have repeated many times - PLEASE DON'T FOOL the old man, he is almost '80 now, why would you want to someting like that ?

Enlarged View(s): Front Section (98k); Rear Section(96k). Box & Packing (83k). Copyright-free image collection. leofoo® 2004
pakringDatok.jpg unclephrakringfrontmdm.jpg
Although most people would think that age and origin of the images are of utmost importance in acquiring them, to me, as these tablets were a gift of love and it was from a friend of mine so I DON'T bother. Naturally as I understand the mind-set of any collector (irregardless of the area of interest - cameras, watches, antiques etc..) will get pretty annoyed to hear negative comments on the imperfect state of their collectibles, but it is all right with me as I can digest any kind of such remarks. Firstly, I don't have too much to spend on any hobbies and next, if it is a gift from the caring mind of your friend, why would anyone be enormously bothered with the minute details, huh ?? So why would I like to know some history or background of these tablets ? It's simply out of curiosity and I hate to do half-baked cakes - even apply to attempts that I am not so familiar about, thus I would like to make up for all the mistakes that I may have in this site - becoz' as a operator of an open forum such as the Internet - any appropriate information MAY MISLEAD others as well !

Credit: Both images provided by Mr. Vichien, Thailand. Enlarged View only available for the right image: Front Section (57k). Copyright-free image collection. leofoo® 2004
uncleLimPhraKringfrontMdm.jpg unclelimphrakringrearmdm.jpg unclelimPRing2frntMdm.jpg unclelimPRing2RearMdm.jpg


Credit: Images of Phra Kring shown on the left hand side courtesy of a honest local dealer, Uncle Lim (h/p: (603)012-9128391) of TONG SOON TRADING, F-825-08, 1st Floor, Pudu Plaza, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Front Section (59k);

Rear Section(63k).

Unverified Phra Kring
Front Section (90k) Rear Section (92k)

flwimage4.jpg flwimage4.jpg flwimage4.jpg flwimage4.jpg flwimage4.jpg flwimage4.jpg flwimage4.jpg

A beautifully crafted Bronze Statue of a Phra Kring from Wat Chang, Nakhon.

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