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Cool Computer, Great OS. 


W h e n   I   w a s   f i r s t   e x p o s e d    t o   t h e  M a c O S   e n v i r o n m e n t, 
I  t h o u g h t  m y  P C  d a y s  w e r e   w e l l   o v e r e d.

Nothing against Windows nor other OS

After all, you can't go and tell 90% of the people that there is a better option available. Further, I was tired of learning DOS commands those days. Look at the Win95 or for that matter Win97 now, its interface feels much like a Mac and people are happy with it, at least it proves I wasn't wrong that time.

User interface is my priority for selecting an OS,
so I can concentrate more on my work rather than maintenance.

Life with networking, multimedia & web authoring on a Mac can't be easier.
After all, we buy computers to serve us, not otherwise.
That's why I am still sticking with this OS.
Simple logic.

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* Picture shown in the Power Book is the city skyline of our capital city, Kuala Lumpur with the World's tallest man-made structure, Petronas Twin Towers right at the center. Shot taken with a Fujica 617.

A n y w a y ,  i t   i s   a  m a t t e r   o f    p e r s o n a l   p r e f e r e n c e.

We are using mixed environment at MIR (Windows NT, Unix in LINUX and MacOS). Thus, I can't be biased as long as the systema used are helping my 60 odd staffs to be more creative and productive; but Mac deserves some consideration if you intend to have a computer just for yourself. The only thing which I have to warn you is - the Mac interface can made people addictive to computer, so much so it will dissolve into your daily activities and affect your routine lifestyle, so be very alert to that. Next, I am not sure who is the distributor for Mac in Malaysia. These guys hardly tell users that after they sold theirs to us. Latest: using an IMac G5 now but I am encouraging my kids using a PC (because all they take is only one minute to pick up how to use a Mac, so no hurry. hehe ..)

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Other than an entry level i-Mac where I used for most of my publishing,
I have also bought a sleek mobile Titan Powerbook G4 for location editing.

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