My sunny boy from 3~18.. Genetically a "D2" species.

Alvin Foo @ 2.jpg (38k) Loading.... Alvin Foo @ 3.jpg (38k) Loading.... Petaling Jaya playground Alvin foo & dad @5 birthday

Alvin Foo @ 10 at his favourite computer desk at Bandar utama
@10, when he was first exposed to games such as, "Command & Conquer" his mother began the "Red Alert"...on computer hours.

Alvin Foo @ 16 school days Bandar Untama (BDU)

Alvin Foo, Malaysia, presenting during Martial Art, Selangor open (Kung Fu show)

@16, he went to a private school. Picked up martial art and went for competitions, got a 3rd placing in the Selangor Open. Not bad in his first t trial - except I was more nervous watching his performing at the sideline.

Quicktime Movie (13.3mb)

Alvin Foo @ 17  from Malaysia at collegue days while studying in Sydney, Australia

My handmade birthday card for him on his 18th birthday
Alvin Foo hand sketch picture
For ages I have never picked up a pencil to draw .. getting rusty with the stroke and had to struggle for two nights to give him a sketch. Hope he likes it, probably he never knew his oldman can draw too. He was @5 with this sketch.

@17. But he has grown up to me a young man now... surprisingly, he has not developed into a rebellious character despite presumably in an age of excessive hormone secretion. hehe .. One day, he might get a serious relationship (or multiples..) with someone out there, God knows when and who will the "chosen" one and only he will decide to enable oldman to probably presenting an expanded story board here in this page to continue a never ending story of him. In the mean time, I had made a card here for his birthday.

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