A sunny morning, clear sky. While waiting to send my daughter to the school...
The 20 minutes wait can be quite fruitful.

logo98.gif Like... I took my camera mounted with a zoom lense,
walked around my front gate, natural scenes can be found just everywhere..

First, let me show you some brilliance in colours I found nearby at the drain ...
(Ain't it like your sexy alligator at home, I know most people with less disciplined codes of conduct won't bother too much
especially when roaming around in a fanciful flowery garden, becoz' you just assume it (err...) is always there for you).

Flowers at the drain.jpg (30k) Loading ....

Next...2/10 a brief mind-cruising journal on sunny morning back in 1998.

Note: Pixel Size of the images used in this ite was SMALL. Much due to popular Monitor Screens used 8 years ago
were mostly 640 x 480 or 800 x 600. Time changes.. So, it may look a little small on a modern LCD screen now.