See, what I have told you earlier.

We have always been influent by thoughts, respective cultures and individual background or even started from how we have been brought up.

But when think of it. How can a horse in real life "application" better than in contributing to mankind ? Save for the fact, horses are outnumbered by cows. But no one would relate a cow with the word, romantic. Why would we have such defensive view when we look at a photograph where it has such an element inside. On the other hand, the lucky animal up there enjoys a totally different feeling when we look at one.

The same applies to photography.

There is no clear definition for what is good and what is bad. A photographer who prefers more on journalistic approach might not appreciate so much with a sport photographer's work because he reckons the work were with the help of AF sensor. A contemporary fine art photographer will trash the salon's path, because one thinks that there is no break away in expressing the free form. Some hardware issue relates, a Zeiss lens user may think his optics are sharper because it came with a German's nametag. A made-in-Malaysia Minolta X-700 may not enjoy that kind of respect because it is made by a relatively unknown player even the manufacturing line was run, manage, supervised by skilled personnel's brought from Minolta Japan.. Err... fact remains, it was produced here for the last ten years or so and have many happy users worldwide. But even the manufacturer are shy away, shield the fact from public. Remember that ill fated Voigtlander 35 by Rollei ? Failed because in the first place, it has been planted in the mind of all those fanatic users, it was a made-in-Singapore product despite Rollei has been pouring enormous amount of effort, resources and transferring its technical know how to the state-of-the-art manufacturing plants there. That's strange, no one is complaining most 35mm Zeiss are made in Japan now.

Now that, Nikon are producing some of the basic optics (Like the 50mm f 1.8 lens) in Thailand to make it more affordable for users and competitive internationally. Fortunately, initial public magazine review has given them the first class rating - off for a good start. Can Canon come forward proudly and tell the world where are the lenses made from ?

Thus, it is all a matter of perception - everything relative, from how to view, appreciate an image to acceptance of concept and origin.

Just like my cow and horse illustration and the site, Photography in Malaysia.

- An article inspired by a mail which asked: "Why is photography got to do with Malaysia " - I replied: Why your Morgan Stanley has just a representing office in KL while a much visionary Deutsche Morgan Grenfell put up a equity tie-up in Malaysia ? -

It is just a matter of appropriate ratio of convergence of LEFT | RIGHT.

Say, If I am to buy into the futures of Dow Jones to 10,800 (With recent development around the globe, it is going to be real difficult), cash out and shift over to precious metal commodity market, I will not ask any investment analyst in US - what is Dow Jones "Big Bang" got to do with world financial market ?


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