Old memories of my grandpa still linger on my mind....gone were the days when I used to hop on his bicycle for a trip to the kopitiam (Coffee Shop). my favourite was a hot milo which my grandfather used to serve it in a unique way of drinking.. first, by pouring it on the saucer while he sips his hot coffee from the cup.

He is gone now. Things that we used to do together lingers on. It is a great pain. I miss him a lot.

This site is dedicated to the man who has showered me with love and care all these years, in his very own and special ways...

Images taken were on the few nights where his body resting peacefully before the funaral. Where traditional Chinese prepares a great deal of paper- made 'gifts' for his 'journey' to

This one is for you, grandpa...
  AdamTan® Copyright 1998
Canon EOS 50
Lens: 28-105mm EF


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