Software development at MIR means utilising cutting-edge internet technologies to create business solutions that make business processes more efficient. It also means solutions that encourage free flow of information between customers and businesses to create more innovative products.

We have carved a successful niche for ourselves in the creation of top-notched internet based software which includes (but not limited to):

E-procurement solutions
The main focus of every e-procurement solution is process efficiency.Streamline business processes through electronic sourcing and purchasing. Manage suppliers, bidding and sourcing easily using our e-procurement solutions and enjoy significant time and cost savings.

Content management systems
Content management systems consist of applications that allow you manage your content as often as you need. Add, delete or edit information pertinent to your employees and customers to keep them up to date on the latest company developments.

Product catalogue systems
If you have a broad range of products and need to reach a wide target audience, turn to our product catalogue systems. User-friendly yet attractive at the same time, our catalogue systems allows you to display product information in a consistent manner and integrates easily with other applications such as shopping carts, inquiry baskets and online payment mechanisms.

E-commerce solutions
Reach a wider market at a lower marketing cost by utilising our e-commerce solutions. With e-commerce functionality supporting your web marketing, you have an online store that is able to run multiple online transactions 24x7, backed by secure payment system and ability to keep track of your customer order. In addition, many exciting features and functionalities can be integrated to enhance your online store and broaden your opportunities.