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November, 1997

"In the same part of the world
Malaysian Internet Resources is creating a resource promoting the business acumen and artistic talents of the people of Malaysia. MIR hosts Photography in Malaysia, "dedicated to all the creative visions behind the viewfinders in Malaysia." A first class site.

This site fulfills its promise and more. Slick design and quality content including many portfolios, sections on digital imaging, and a personal perspective of what it means to be a photographer in Malaysia. The hand and mind of the talented site designer, leofoo & his
MIR Web Team members, are apparent throughout.

Check out the Photography Resource and Assignment sections for interesting articles. There's an excellent history on how Japan rebuilt their post-war economy largely because American photojournalists discovered the high quality lenses made by Nippon Kogaku (Nikon) just before the war in Korea began.

Are you forever "chasing sunsets" with your camera, hoping to capture the ultimate setting sun? I found the ultimate sunset photograph on the MIR site, the work of Mr. Tan Song Chuan, member of the
Malaysian Photographic Society. All I want now is the exact location from where he took that photograph and an airline ticket to Malaysia."

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