Weekly or periodically, I will exhibit selection of picture selected or nominated by others to expose some sites of interest on the Net. This site is created primarily for those who has dedicated their time and effort in the field of photography in terms of creativeness in application/technique or those individual that has compiling useful photographic information & resources for the photographic community as a whole. Further, we are using this site to interact with other photographers local & abroad and co-promoting each others' works.

Sites highlighted here are sites of my choice - from a perspective of an oriental "eyes". But neither do I want to limit the selection. I am sure there are even better sites out there that I don't know of. So you are invited to be my "eyes around the world" and recommend sites that you fancy.

Note: "Reload" or "Refresh" your browser to clear the old cache in your computer to see any new uploads. This applies to other pages that you have visited before in this site.

Highly recommended Site by:  

Important Note: Due to heavy commitment in the development of some resourceful materials to be ported in PIM. I have to spare a lot of time to concentrate on those projects with many of my friends in the net. Started from next week onwards, I am inviting a guest to handle this section for a period of three months. Personal choice and preference is a very subjective matter in photography, may be this will help and present others' view and opinion in the selection. I am sure he will present some of his best of recommendations to everyone weekly, enjoy !

The 'mysterious' guest photo editor for coming weeks is : Klaus Schachtschneider, who also run a highly successful photographic website at Germany and mirror another site at Geocities. The website is UP and Running now ! You may also mail him and put up your recommendations as well.


3rd week, March 1998



2nd week, March 1998



1st week, March 1998



3rd week, February 1998



2nd week, February 1998



1st week, February 1998



4th week, January 1998



3rd week, January 1998


2nd week, January 1998
Pix of the week selection 1st week, January 1998

Archive for previous recommendations in 1997 : Click here

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