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Subject: A Link to "Photography In Malaysia"
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Just to let you know that my web page "An Apple A Day" <
http://cafe.AmbrosiaSW.com/AppleDays/> will be showcasing your web page "Photography In Malaysia" on Nov 21st (Saturday).

"An Apple A Day: Cool Apples" showcases web pages about Apple and Macintosh, and web pages created with Apple technologies. Should you like to provide a link back to "An Apple A Day" (which I will greatly appreciate), you can obtain an artwork for "An Apple A Day" at <http://cafe.AmbrosiaSW.com/AppleDays/appledays.gif> (large image) and <http://cafe.AmbrosiaSW.com/AppleDays/small.gif> (small image). (A text link will also be greatly appreciated). However, I must add that it is not my intention to request for a link back when I showcase your web page. A link back is NOT a condition for the showcase.

If you have any suggestions, corrections, or comments, do feel free to email me at <mailto:
hcleong@krdl.org.sg>. Thanks.

Heng-Cheong Leong

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