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Can you imagine all these photographs were captured

in  F I L M L E S S  medium ?
Digital cameras were employed by some Associated Press staff photojournalists covered the events of US elections in 1996. The absolute advantage of digital imaging for news work is speed - almost in real time, less than 10 minutes after the shutter triggered, images captured during the events can be transmitting back to the agencies via cellular modem while photo editing can be done on site (a campaign bus near by) or done at the photo editors' desktop back at the agency. The hardware medium is NC2000e - a modified version of Nikon F90X with Kodak CCD and removable harddisk on a PCMCIA card (Kodak has a few similar versions, click here back to Digital Imaging). like some of those "multimedia" entry level digital cameras, brief sound clips can be recorded and tagged to each individual images captured. Some basic application for this built-in feature can be applied on identification purposes. NC2000e is not for the ordinary photographers, having a price tag of around US$14,000-00 (RM35,000-00), almost similar to Kodak's top of the line offering, the Kodak DCS - 5 or the highest resolution model Kodak DCS 460 (Around RM60,000-00). I heard local newspaper group, the Star and The News Straits Times are considering similar investment into these hardwares for their news crew, that is good news for their field team...

If this is not enough, try here for the Space mission of the Mars Pathfinder, it will surprise you further..

Please refer to our articles on Digital Imaging for further details.

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