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Agfa ActionCam (Minolta's body) Digital camera

The current directory is photography. As a responsible website administrator, we have the duty of helping and introducing viewers to emerging trends and technologies in and around the photographic community. As we grew up on the traditional silver halide based products, which has taken almost 100 years to develop, we are not indicating there is a immediate complete substitution for the faithful products that have helped us recorded history, events, emotions and brought many joyous or heartbroken memories through the pictures we have taken for the past one century. Digital imaging has taken off along with the robust development of the IT industry and fueled by the global communication tools like the Internet. Hardly emerged in serious scale since the earlier 90' and it has invade, accepted and penetrating into our day to day activities and stay invisible.

Some current key application areas for digital imaging include:

Desktop publishing of documents and presentations;
Creative imaging for photography, prepress services and advertising;
Scientific and technical imaging for medical, industrial, and security and law enforcement purposes;
Entertainment imaging;
Educational imaging applications.

Example: Click here to see how news photographers fully capitalize on this medium.

Hasselblad Digital Scan Back We strongly feel there is a huge potential from this creative medium. As photographers, we should be more open to new approaches, idea and technologies and that's why we are creating this site for you to have a introductory entry to understand the basics of digital imaging and help you prepare yourself better for the future.

If you are visionary to think personal and global communication network, like the Internet to grow further (which we are quite certain), when people will enhance their day-to-day communications with all the colour and emotion of pictures. They will send their pictures around the world in their desktop documents and letters. They will more clearly share their thoughts, ideas, and memories by including pictures and sound - not just in business, but also in home applications. Digital and applied Imaging is to making this vision a near-term reality for all of us. What is digital Imaging and how it is relating to photography ? The options on how to digitise your images and the some different levels of digital camera models available AND we managed to "trap" one of the master of the medium locally, Mr Jen Siow, from Jen Studio and CYLeow- Photo Editor of the Star Newspaper to give us some contents relating to Digital Imaging which will be available shortly to supplement this particular site on Digital Imaging, Thanks !


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Flash Pix is another new digital format, I am still evaluating of its functionality of using it in this site.

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